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Cox Crow

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 Wednesday, August 28, 2002

RIAA changes stance

The RIAA has made an abrupt about-face on the redistribution question.

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It Takes Two to Tango

InfoWorld: Notes is dead. Read Ray Ozzie's original comments as well. This sounds a little too much like a Microsoft sales pitch for my taste, but it's interesting nonetheless. (I'm not a Notes fan, but I also don't think it's a foregone conclusion that all former Notes shops are going to move to Exchange.) [Hack the Planet]
Nice response by Ray Ozzie.

For a while I was the system manager for Notes at Associated Press. As Joel Sposky wrote in another context

It was being sold as a groupware platform, but in reality, it was being bought (and used) as an email program.
That was our situation. Notes is deployed from the top down. Any centralized mail system is, but Exchange has an advantage, beyond that of licensing: the client is bundled with Microsoft Office. Outlook is readily used, if not usable, as a PIM and mail user agent, even without an Exchange backend. So Exchange can be sold as an enhancement to something that people are already using.

I've picked up Groove a couple of times to see how well it works. I've two immediate issues with it:

  1. It's a resource hog
  2. It's no good for one person
The latter applies to pretty much any communications medium.

So, I'm online in Groove, but until I see someone I know, I'm nothing but a wallflower.

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Pair is ahead of the curve here.
pair Hosts Blosxom Blogs. pair Networks, a Web hosting provider, makes Blosxom available to users as one of its "System CGI"s. Wonderful! [raelity bytes]

From my perspective, Blosxom has some tremendous advantages for this role. It's small. It's dead simple to use. And there's an Apache module if you don't use mod_perl to speed up Perl CGIs.

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