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Cox Crow

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 Monday, August 12, 2002

Providing a Foundation

Re Jon Udell responding to Jeremy Zawodny responding to Ray Ozzie and Jon Udell.

Perhaps this points the way, to the next step.

(and yes, I'm still working on this post)

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Some people like to argue that "intellectual property" is just exactly like real property and should have the same protection. Let's all remember that the law protects the sidewalks too.
Edward Felten

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All Politics is Local

John Patrick notes the Ruby Ranch Internet Cooperative Association:
A dozen or so neighbors bought the DSLAM for approximately $5,000. With the addition of modems, routers, and various other components (some of which they bought on eBay), the Ruby Ranch folks were able to build their own broadband service. The Coop now offers DSL service to all homes in the Ruby Ranch neighborhood. Their industriousness means they don't have to wait until the next decade to be "always on".

You don't necessarily need to be rural to make use of this technique. Your friendly neighborhood association could do the same. (I'm saying that as if I talk to my neighbors.)

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Prions scare the **** out of me. One of the papers I read last Sunday reported that two mountainmen appear to have died from the deer and antelope version (link unfound).

This all reminds me of Greg Bear's Blood Music.

Answer? Avoid meat like the plague.

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