Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Paper of Record, My Ass

Y'know, the doesn't have all of the print edition. Makes you wonder what's missing from the microfiche, doesn't it?

There are three articles I'd like to cite from the Westchester section — which recently confused the Great Swamp, in Dutchess and Putnam, as being somewhat more southerly than it is — but it's not there.

Well, at least the Week in Review is, in which Barack Obama (hi, Rick) is mentioned many times. For some reason they keep harping on his pigmentation issues. The voters look past that, but it's oh-so-puzzling, right?

But perhaps my favorite line was from Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who wrote

We can't talk about the choices people have without talking about the choices people make.

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 Friday, April 23, 2004

Media Ownership in the Media

Watching last night's West Wing on TiVo. Topics: media ownership, and trade. CJ gives media ownership story to reporting hounds, and they don't take the bait. Because they're owned. Because the Internet makes broadcast ownership rules history. Nice creative solution in the briefing room though: give each owner one seat. :-D

On jobs, the creative destruction of the markets runs into the CWA.

Meanwhile, I tried to find a copy of the current issue of Harper's at the newstands around here, but I can't find it or The Atlantic. Lots of beauty, house, and sports magazines though.

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 Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Just so I can use my bad slang

ResearchBuzz points to for local news. It's the BOMB!

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 Monday, March 22, 2004

My Annoyance Affects Your Income

The rocket scientists at AOL, in addition to displaying the tabloid page in AIM, are now including pop-up advertisements. I have resolved to not do business with any advertiser who annoys me. Therefore, Citibank, I will not be using your credit card. And your on-line checking offer, with the nice DVD player as a door prize, that's out too.

Oh, and AOL, Trillian, gaim and iChat are more than sufficient.

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 Tuesday, January 27, 2004

If I'm Interested, I'll Click

A banner advertisement at the top of the Christian Science Monitor's article on Columbus's attempt to the solve the perennial homeless problem — by giving them homes — pointed to a PLANetizen editorial on the top planning issues of 2002. Maybe they meant 2003. Any way, PLANetizen is an urban planning site, with some RSS feeds, and an aggregator. I didn't know about the site before, and I'm glad I saw the advertisement.

Advertising, when it works well, by meeting my needs, is welcome. Unfortunately so much of it is unwelcome. Then there are the out-right lies. The on-line advertising industry really needs pricing models that discourage fraud.

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 Thursday, January 22, 2004

See What Happens When You Let the Riff-Raff Create?

I have a scream. The internet giveth, and the internet taketh away. While Lilek's remix is already 100 links and rising, Howard Dean's I have a scream speech is being remixed again. [Ben Hammersley's Dangerous Precedent]

I think Lilek's version will be the club hit of the year. It's in heavy rotation on iTunes.

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New Music Thursday

iTunes Music Store RSS Feed. You know you want it. [Teal Sunglasses]

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 Monday, January 19, 2004

What Sticks With You?

We watched Joan of Arcadia the other night. When did spa become a verb?

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