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Cox Crow

Asking the Stupid Questions Since 1971
 Tuesday, August 27, 2002

I don't want to be an eloi enabler.
David McCusker

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This will help my bank reconciliation. Can I get the paper tape to feed into a spreadsheet?

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The Pause That Annoys

WinAMP is destroying the experience of Dark Side of the Moon, by breaking up the tracks. Did the person who made this decision think that albums are just a collection of singles?

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Caldera SCO's shift is unexpected. It looks like they'll be maintaining three distinct operating systems after all. Not to say that you have to have one OS per company, but that I'm surprised that SCO has enough volume across all three to warrant sustained development.

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Knowledge Manglement in Arab armies

[A]n Arab technician knows that he is invaluable so long as he is the only one in a unit to have that knowledge; once he dispenses it to others he no longer is the only font of knowledge and his power dissipates. This explains the commonplace hoarding of manuals, books, training pamphlets, and other training or logistics literature.

On one occasion, an American mobile training team working with armor in Egypt at long last received the operatorsí manuals that had laboriously been translated into Arabic. The American trainers took the newly minted manuals straight to the tank park and distributed them to the tank crews. Right behind them, the company commander, a graduate of the armor school at Fort Knox and specialized courses at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds ordnance school, promptly collected the manuals from those crews. Questioned why he did this, the commander said that there was no point in giving them to the drivers because enlisted men could not read. In point of fact, he did not want enlisted men to have an independent source of knowledge. Being the only person who could explain the fire control instrumentation or bore sight artillery weapons brought prestige and attention.

In military terms this means that very little cross-training is accomplished and that, for instance in a tank crew, the gunners, loaders and drivers might be proficient in their jobs but are not prepared to fill in should one become a casualty. Not understanding one anotherís jobs also inhibits a smoothly functioning crew. At a higher level it means that there is no depth in technical proficiency. [emphasis mine]
— Norvell B. De Atkine, "Why Arabs Lose Wars," American Diplomacy, Vol. V, No. 4, Fall 2000

These observations apply equally well elsewhere, such as corporate America, where similar cultural impediments to sharing prevail.

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