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Cox Crow

Asking the Stupid Questions Since 1971
 Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Instant Karma

I like your site. But it's not as useful as my News Aggregator. I assume you're working on a fix to whatever is causing my NAGG to redirect to your site. Thanks!

Well, Ernie, you caught on to my little ploy: redirect my many readers to the HTML version of the site in order to boost my standing in the RCS rankings. Drats! Foiled again!

Jon Udell's feed doesn't cause Radio's aggregator to get all cockeyed, because he's added a <fullitem/> element that the aggregator ignores.

4:19:35 PM # Google It!
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Hi, Jake, Lawrence,

I know you guys are loaded right now, but could you take a few minutes and

  1. fix the entity encoding bug! please!
  2. stop being so helpful when I type a URL. Sometimes I don't want it to be an active link.

These two items are pushing me towards Blosxom or Moveable Type.

3:23:41 PM # Google It!
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Moving Google

Jon Udell took the uncommon route to updating his UserLand-hosted site so that it would refresh to his InfoWorld-hosted site: he used XML-RPC to talk to the Radio Community Server. Most people might find it easier to create a directory under $RADIO_ROOT/www/ and use a different #upstream.xml file, to enable upstreaming to both sites at once.

He wonders if Google will notice the change.

Google takes a while, but does notice if there's a permanent redirect, HTTP status 301. It collates the old location with the new. A search for my previous URL links to the current location.

What's unfortunate is that using a redirect in a meta element is less well known than using a refresh not really possible.

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The FuzzyBlog notes another reason people create open source applications: Rage.

Damn straight.

11:40:08 AM #

status quo ante medicina

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