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Cox Crow

Asking the Stupid Questions Since 1971
 Friday, August 16, 2002


I'm attempting to determine what about my Tools post's interaction with Radio's entity decoding bug is causing the NAggregator page to render incorrectly, and, in the process, observing some idiosyncracies of the rendering: 1) debugging radio is annoying, 2) this post won't truncate until I type a dot, or until I reach a certain number of characters; 3) if there is no title element, then the aggregator anchors the whole entry; 4) this would be easier to deal with if I could print system.verbs.builtins.radio.html.viewNewsItems without saving it first as text.

Let me guess -- this post will truncate after the word "system"? Nope. It truncates after a fixed char length.

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Radio doesn't quite like it if another application has rss.xml open when it tries to write.

I'm trying to truncate my feed again. Luckily Rick wrote down the instructions, since I forgot to write mine. :-( The UserTalk script Dave supplies

on truncate (description, adrpost) {return (string.firstSentence (description))}

doesn't consider ! and ? to be the end of sentences. It stops at the first dot (.). It also has trouble with blockquotes, IIRC.

Good thing Google's around, otherwise I'd have even more difficulty following the historical thread on this topic. There's something to be said for threaded discussions in a single venue.

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Security Quiz

This fill-in-blank quiz is appropriate to children of any age. It helps if they are literate, but kindergarteners should have no trouble.

  1. A secret shared is a secret no longer.
  2. Your secret love's not secret anymore.
  3. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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Limited Scalability

The scalability of Microsoft Windows is limited by a non-technical problem.

If you were Google, would you pay the $60,000,000 in license fees?

(That's retail: $4,000 per unit for Windows 2000 Advanced Server, for 15,000 units.)

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Everything's fine with the wife and Belly Baby. She's coming home today. The bun's still in the oven.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts and well wishes.

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