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Cox Crow

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 Friday, August 30, 2002

The Weekend: brought to you by organized labor

Next week, if the baby's not born this weekend, I might write up something on platforms, cleanly separated layers, and replacing multiple messaging systems at a globally distributed company.

Then again, I might not.

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In the Event of an Emergency

World failure brought about by, say, a large asteroid impact, presents problems where the ongoing running of a company should not, at this stage, be at the forefront of anybody's mind. However, Quocirca believes that for those who really want to think ahead, the use of narrow-beam radio technology will enable you to stream your data out into space, and that this stream could be captured and rebuilt as data from the depths of space onto a extra-terrestrial mirrored data system.
Disaster Tolerance

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Suggestion Box

The suggestion box sits next to the door, with pencil and paper beside, so leaving the establishment you may suggest improvements. Some positive suggestions
  • clean the bathroom
  • serve the food before it gets cold
  • fire the manager
are helpful if you receive many of the same, others
  • reduce the coffee subsidy
  • outsource customer service
  • stop crashing
could benefit from discussion. How can you discuss those comments if the suggestion box is locked, with a small hole in the top for inserting paper?

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Intriguing, Captain

I just discovered the Mozilla 1.1 "What's Related?" sidebar, while looking at DJ Adams's Add RSS to Sidebar bit. Looks like it uses Alexa — and eats CPU cycles.

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