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Cox Crow

Asking the Stupid Questions Since 1971
 Tuesday, August 20, 2002


What the learning curve for Radio Userland looks like: a nice beach, ending suddenly in a sheer cliff face.

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Might I recommend a somewhat more usable issue tracker? I doubt this list is current.

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Turn the heat off, we'll freeze to death!

John Robb found this interesting essay by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute on the effect of the melting ice caps on ocean currents. The Earth's climate is a dynamic system, usually in equilibrium. If the balance is thrown off, it can take a while — about 1300 years — to adjust.

Short version: Niek Hockx better take lots of beach pictures while he can.

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Is it the end of the month already?

Netcraft has released the August 2002 web server survey. It's early: we have 11 more days in this month, at least in the States. Must be the Summer.

The trend remains, though the main graph is disturbed by fluctuations at large entities, contributing to a 6% loss in Microsoft's share. It's difficult to lock in share in commodity markets.

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Exploring Possibilities: a conversation with my two-year old

Did you see the spider web?




Don't touch the spider, he might bite.

He might not.

Don't touch him.

He might not bite.

You don't want to get bitten.

Maybe I do.

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