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Cox Crow

Asking the Stupid Questions Since 1971
 Tuesday, October 01, 2002

[B]roadband, in its short history, has served as a white whale to plenty of Ahabs.
"Terry Semel Thinks Yahoo Should Grow Up Already," Fortune, September 30, 2002

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Public Information

I was searching Google for our local papers, and found a couple of them on-line. Unfortunately, my parents' local paper isn't. (This is unfortunate as I wanted to know who won the tractor pull at the fair.) On the other hand, I did find my grandmother's.

In the process I ran across the New York State Archives. Among the interesting exhibits there is this one on the Electoral College.

Small local papers publish, among other things, legal notices. These are usually full of WHEREASes and BE IT KNOWNs, and are hard to distinguish from each other in print. I need to talk to the County Clerk about posting these on-line.

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Are weeds real?

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[P]ublic-interest unfriendly legislation happens because the public generally shows no interest.
Zimran Ahmed

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Google v. Yahoo!

Jeremy Zawodny wonders about the impact of Google Catalogs on the Christmas shopping season.
Google Product Search and Ratings. Imagine the possibilities.

It's all about my time, and trust.

Yahoo will be successful inasmuch as it can provide something that people want, and want more than something else. Yahoo provides commodity information. Being in a commodity market, it has to provide that commodity faster, better, cheaper — and more reliably — than others.

Advertising perverts this.

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How do you convince a toddler that "now" means NOW?

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