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 Thursday, September 19, 2002

Pricing Accurately

Phil Windley, CIO of Utah notes some proposed changes in the pricing for network access: from per port to per person.

Pricing network access per port, or network drop, appears to make sense. After all, each port bears a quantifiable cost to pull from the wiring closet to the cubicle, or from the central office to the building, and an additional cost to consume a port on the uplinking device, whether a hub, a switch, or a router. Those, however, are sunk costs, capital expenditures, and do not reflect the operating costs of providing the services associated with access: IP address management, name resolution, and, most significantly, the help desk. Address management and name resolution are insignificant costs compared to the help desk. Pricing per person addresses the most expensive operating cost, while garnering additional benefits: cleaner directory data.

The problem with pricing per user account is an annoying one: not all users are people.

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Speak to Me

I've worked for a small company (100 people), a smaller company (50 people), an even smaller franchise (20 people), and a mid-sized company (4,000 people). My current job is at a smaller mid-sized company (700+ people) which was spun off from a gigantic company, and was recently acquired by another huge company. There are some communications difficulties in the larger organization that did not exist in the smaller ones.

One thing I've never understood, and this goes for organizations of all sizes, is when someone has an issue with something I've said or done, why is it not brought directly to my attention?

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On Hold

When the telephone was invented, it was thought that it would be used to listen to opera.

Being put on hold is the pinnacle of telephony.

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Olivia Anne Cox
b. September 12, 2002, 17:50 EDT
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