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Cox Crow

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 Friday, September 20, 2002

Going the Extra Miles

The DMV is a much maligned department of state government. And for good reason. Have you been to the New York State DMV office in Peekskill?

The office in Putnam County, on the other hand, has a lot of non-resident visitors, some from Brooklyn.

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Environmental Impact Analysis

Change control is about notification, identifying affected systems and informing concerned parties, bringing the knowledge of others into the loop to avoid problems. It is secondarily an historical record. (What happened recently to cause this anomalous behavior?) And thus helps to identify previously unknown dependencies.

The problems here are determining what systems are affected and who needs to know. Determining the former should determine the latter, but that's not always apparent.

Generally, in analyzing the business practice before writing a change control application, great thought is given to who has to approve the changes, usually from a budgetary and chain-of-command perspective, on the assumption that a manager can more effectively assess the impact of a potential outage. Some thought might be given to a security assessment. Little thought is given to developing a dependancy tree — and so many concerned parties are left uninformed.

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