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Cox Crow

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 Thursday, September 05, 2002


I'm getting disturbing search requests again. All because I have "gallery" in the site name.

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The current weblog craze is, in all likelihood, a passing fad.
Jon Udell

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If a man says something, and there's no woman to hear, is he still wrong?

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I read Sam Ruby's Really Simple Syndication essay last night. Working from the dictum "be strict in what you produce, liberal in what you accept," arbitrary unilateral changes don't break anything — especially when most everything is optional. If a reader doesn't recognize something, he ignores it.

So Sam's gone and written a feed that does what he wants, and Mark Pilgrim's gone and done the same, providing a Moveable Type template as he goes along.

(And I'm installing Bill Kearney's Radio Tool that produces RSS 1.0, to see what it does. If anything — so far it hasn't written a file or reported an error.)

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Postage Paid

Charging for postage is one method of increasing the costs of delivery for the sender.
One for the thinktank... John Robb:  "If all unsolicited e-mail cost $0.05 to send (with $0.03 going to the person getting the mail), spam would dry up quickly." [jenett.radio]

Another is D. J. Bernstein's Internet Mail 2000 project, which attempts to design a new mail infrastructure for the Internet based on the assumption that mail storage is the sender's responsibility. The sender's cost increases from having to pay for storage, but the costs of delivery are still unpaid.

It will still be cheaper than paper, so spam won't dry up until the advertisers get no response.

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I am, I am, I M Spam

In an R.E.M. mood today.

Instant spams have been picking up lately. If you haven't had the pleasure of this yet, someone's sending instant come-ons to Yahoo! Messenger accounts. You can set your preferences to ignore people who are not in your list, but for me that reduces the efficacy of instant messaging.

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