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Cox Crow

Asking the Stupid Questions Since 1971
 Friday, July 12, 2002

Infrastructure: the stuff holding you up.

Doc has an interesting presentation on infrastructure that meshes nicely with my essay, lost on disk someplace, on networks.

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Remember how blessed you are

Unable to make ends meet, they have been forced into a desperate trade — selling their daughters to work in faraway cities as bonded servants in private homes or as dishwashers in tea houses. Some of these children are only seven or eight years old.
Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation [via Rebecca Blood]

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If lawyers want to help musicians, they should scrap CARP, dismantle mandatory contract clauses, and investigate the music industry for price fixing and collusion.
Zimran Ahmed

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I wonder if Microsoft has thought about the foundations of trust.

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The Pills that Mother Gives You

Man is not unlike God. Or, as the Bible puts it, God made Man in His own image. Man's likeness to God is that we create.

Those who attempt to persuade us that we merely consume deny this.

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