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 Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Happy Fourth of July!

I'm on call this weekend, so no funny business!

3:40:59 PM #

After a while, reading sites in your aggregator hits a limit. That limit is the number of items to display in the aggregator. At this moment, I've 68 subscriptions. When I check my aggregator after say, deleting aggregatorData.root and importing my subscriptions, I see that I missed a lot of things — and now I'm missing more as they scroll of the screen.

And this wanking brilliant piece of work hasn't suddenly stopped using nested tables. Dudes, tables aren't safe to use if you don't know whether or not the incoming data will close all opened tags.

2:16:22 PM #
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"The parents of the children are calling nonstop asking whether I know anything about the fate of their children," [Din Uzhin, a group leader for the students] said. "And I have to say time and again: Your children were on that plane."
— as quoted in "Russian Pilots Had Little Warning", The Associated Press

10:59:21 AM #
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What's the cost of maintainance mode?

Looks like the Ebone may be taking a brief vacation.

IANAA, but it seems to me that the cost of maintaining operations would be predominantly personnel-related. The fiber is sunk; that's not an operational cost. The network needs power; that is. There are peering fees for upstream connections; that is. Monies paid by downstream subscribers should cover the operational costs, if not those of the operators.

Powering down the network is not a necessity, but rather a bargaining chip in negotiations to support the operators.

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Radio Luserland

I've had it about up to here with FUBAR nested tables in Radio's aggregator. Not only is that pissing me off, and interrupting my morning news reading, but Radio wants 99% of my CPU and lots of RAM: I found it had eaten over 150 MB last night. Dave, that's just not polite.

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