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 Friday, June 28, 2002

Jenny, this is for you

Macromedia MPSB02-05 Patch Available for Buffer Overflow attack on ColdFusion MX with Microsoft IIS [SecurityFocus]

When certain ColdFusion templates with filenames longer than 8,192 characters or with HTTP headers longer than 4,096 characters are requested, IIS can become unresponsive. It is not necessary that the template exists. This could be used to construct a denial of service attack on a ColdFusion MX server.

Alternatively, Macromedia could ship a version of ColdFusion MX that doesn't work with Oracle and ODBC.

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The 56K Advantage

Searches by police, FBI target bandits of bandwidth: Authorities investigating the theft of high-speed Internet cable service yesterday seized modems and other computer equipment from homes in Toledo and surrounding suburbs.

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AOL/Time-Warner fires the first salvo in suppressing free wireless: Rick T. documents the letter he received about his alleged free wireless access point that connects to his AOL/Time-Warner (Roadrunner) cable modem service. .... [I]f you have a contract with an ISP that says you can't share bandwidth and you're running open access points, you are violating that agreement. [80211b News]

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Washington Post: Cable Firms Faulted For Restrictions On Internet Service. With the Bush administration deciding that the issues should be settled at the FCC and not through legislation, the agency has become a lobbying locus. More than 80 filings from industry and consumer organizations were received on the topic of cable-modem service alone. [Tomalak's Realm]

/. has a thread on this, of course.

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Oooh, Doughnuts

We're also in the planning phase of deploying Wi-Fi access points at places where cops hang out so they can connect to the net during their shift.... [Windley's Enterprise Computing Weblog]

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