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Cox Crow

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 Thursday, July 11, 2002

Special Cases

How do you handle the special cases?

Suppose you have 3,500,000+ users and 1 donkey. Do you jump through hoops to get the donkey's stuff working, or do you redirect his output to /dev/null? Is the customer always right, or is he just special?

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Free Slurpee®s!

7-Eleven has free Slurpee®s today. It's their 75th anniversary.

Each participating 7-Eleven store will offer a free 7.11-oz. Slurpee® drink of their choice to the first 1,000 customers that day.

Only the first 1,000? Gee, I hope I get there in time.

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Unintentionally Funny?

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that the FBI has hired Darwin John, CIO for the LDS Church, as the new CIO for the FBI. .... Working for the two organizations will probably be similar in a number of ways.
[Windley's Enterprise Computing Weblog]


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A tricky bit about Microsoft's IPsec filters

Say you have two rules. One says, from my address to any address, deny. The other says, from this address to any address, permit. The rules intersect, since "this address" is a member of the class "my address." For some reason, the denying rule takes precedence.

In order for the rules to not interfere, a port number needs to be specified.

Why is this annoying? Because the more specific rule should take precedence, otherwise the generic rule won't work. In this case, however, the class "My Address" is both all local addresses and this address. The class "My Address" doesn't just contain the class "This Address": It is the class "This Address."

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NO respect, NONE

Perhaps the advertisers should kindly remind Major League Baseball that without their fans, they aren't worth diddly-squat.

I'm still upset over what passed for an All-Star Game.

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