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 Friday, December 20, 2002

Super Snoops

This recommendation from the Critical Infrastructure Protection Board is a dumb idea. Will I have to encrypt e-mail to my grandmother just because I mention that the Shrub should have dribbled down his father's leg? Will I have to use my secret decoder ring every time I spout off to my dad that Ashcroft has no understanding of Biblical prophecy and its relevancy to now, that he's a tool attempting to bring about the Apocalypse? And if I do encrypt, will that be illegal as well? Because, if I encrypt, then all you can know about me is where the packet came from, and where it is going, and even that can be obfuscated.

At a presentation at LotuSphere '97, Charlie Kaufman, joking about the various levels of encryption in Lotus Notes, said that the special French edition was because the French government doesn't trust the citoyens.

In a different context, Aaron Swartz asks Would you like to live in that world?

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