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Writing Online

on my (ab)use of Radio Userland
 Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Cool URIs Require Forethought

I've moved my journal several times. I experimented with EditThisPage, with Blogger, and then with Radio Userland. I've not tried to maintain continuity, because each was an experiment. Indeed, my Blogger site is now 410 GONE. I've changed hosts from BestWeb to Pair after I bought my own domain, and in the course of doing so changed the underlying directory from radio to journal. And now, I'm changing it from journal to journal.

This change will not invalidate the previous URI. I've created a symbolic link between journal and journal, so as far as the operating system is concerned, those directories are the same. I'm also rewriting the URL. Tim Berners-Lee discussed why cool URIs don't change, and while there are a number of means for maintaining deprecated URIs, the important thing is planning a naming scheme. Cool URIs require forethought.

That doesn't happen.

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Why Does Dave Winer Hate Ones?

This is whack. My post yesterday on jumping to conclusions contained a string that caused Radio's news aggregator to render it incorrectly. In the third week of August I noticed something similar. This bug is just too stupid. Under normal circumstances I would try to narrow the test case in order to reproduce the bug consistently, so that it can be fixed, but down that road lies only frustration. See what it did to the title of this post?

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