Television Repair

I speak of repair of the hardware, not the industry. A while back our brand spanking new Philips 27″ television mysteriously began denying that it had any knowledge of electricity. Our GE died after 12 years, so we expected the Philips to last a bit longer than four months. So, we called Philips regarding the situation, and, so sorry, we only cover labor for 90 days, feel free to take it to Stanton TV in Danbury, CT, for repair.

The unit has two components: the CRT and the circuit board. It’s simply a solid-state, single-purpose computing device attached to various means of I/O. It took longer to unscrew the back than it does to remove the board and swap it. But, after arguing the point with “Support,” it appears Policy prevents them from sending me the part. I might shock myself, after all. (Maybe I shouldn’t mention the Macintosh SE/30 lying disassembled on the floor of the basement.)

So we took it in. It’ll be $75 for the labor, they say.

Time passes.

“What’s taking so long?” I ask. “We’re waiting for parts.”

Time passes.

“Well?” “We’re troubleshooting the problem.”

Time passes.

“And?” “We’re waiting for parts; they should be here by the end of the week.”

Time passes.

“Oh?” “We’re troubleshooting the problem.”


They called today to tell us that it’s ready. If they think we’re paying for four weeks of labor, they have another think coming. I can pick up a Bigger, Better, More Feature-Rich Boob Tube at Wal*Mart for under $300. Why would I pay to have this one repaired?

Why doesn’t Philips do as Dell does, and send a guy to swap parts? Or, like IBM, just send the part?


  1. I purchased the 27pt6441/37 about three months ago. Unlike most everyone else on here, my tv will power up, but the screen is an orange color with white lines running across it, it started doing this one night when I was watching TV. The light at the bottom blinks eleven times fast and one time slow. Has anyone else had this problem or have any ideas, or any ideas how to found out what the blinking light is trying to say? I too will be telling everyone never to buy a Philips product. Thanks.

  2. Do you have your TV on a surge protector? Most likely it’s fluctuations in voltage that blow this transistor and/or fuse.

    If it’s on, then off again, I think it would be the transistor, since a fuse is either blown or not. Then again I’m no pro, just able to swap some components.

    good luck!

  3. I purchased a Philips 26 in. widescreen tv model 26pw6341/37 on December 5 2004. I guess I should feel lucky it lasted 1 year and 3 weeks.
    I turned the set on one evening it worked for about 5 minutes and then the screen went blank still had intermittent sound and I had the blinking sequence 3 blinks, 2 blinks, 1 long blink. As well it wouldn’t turn off and would come back on spontaneously. So I unplugged it. The next day I called Philips service center was given then name of a repair place near my home. A few days later I bring the tv in, they tell me the main chassis needs to be replaced and it will cost 356.99 including parts and labor. After I pick myself up off the floor I tell them I’ll think about it and called them back because my parts warrenty ran out 3 weeks ago. I don’t want to pay 199.38 for the part and 157.61 in labor costs. So I again call philips they told me tro fax all my info to them and they will let me know if they will pay for the part. So I do all that and they agree to pay for the part. ok I am not happy about having to pay 157.61 in labor but I agree to do that.
    So I call the rapair place and they ordered the needed part that was on January 5, 2006. I wait a few weeks and heard nothing so I call the repair place they tell me its on back order and it should be delivered on Feb. 10, 2006. So I call back on Feb.10 still no part.Still on back order. I called philips back and they had no info other than the part was on back order. I was told to call back with the part order #. I called back the next day with that # and still no one could tell me anything. I was told that someone would call me back in 3 to 5 days regarding this matter. On the sixth day I called philips and a customer service rep told me she didn’t know why no one called me back or where the part was for my tv but someone would call me back in 3 to 5 days. What a joke. Six days later no call from philips. I called the repair place and they had no info on the part either only that it was still on back order. So I called philips again this is now march 1st, 2006. I spoke with someone who refered me to a manager who told me it was being passed on to 2nd level support and you guessed it I would be called in 3 to 5 days. At this point I am furious that the tv is still broke and that philips is worthless in helping me with the tv. I wait till the 5 days have passed and call philips back I get transfered to 2nd level support she tells me she just got the case and needs to review it and she will call me back in 2 days. On March 16th I call her after 3 days have gone by. She tells me to give her a week to get other parts for the tv to be fixed and if it wasnt fixed by then they would then contact me to discuss compensation for the tv. Ok a week later the tv is still not fixed nor does anyone know where any of the parts are. I call the woman at phiklips back and have to leave several messages. The next day I call and leave another message. I call back leter the same day and a customer service rep tells me she is on a break and would call me later. She does finally call me and tells me that they are ordering more parts and it should be fixed soon. No mention of anything else. I call the owner of the repair shop and he says to fix it the way she wants them to would increase the cost of the labor. You have got to be kiddding me it was to high as it was.
    I call philips back and talk to the same person again because I am unhappy about having to pay more that the tv is worth she states to me that it’s my prerogative as to whether or not I want the tv repaired or not.
    Bottom line is don’t but a Philips ever. I will never again buy any of their products Magnavox either owned by the same company. I am still battling this out. I have also written the Better Business Bureau. Is there any way to fix this without it costing me an arm and a leg?? Any help would be great. Philps Sucks!

  4. YES there is! If your model is one of these:

    25PT6341/85, 26PW6341/37, 27MS6341/37, 27PT5441/37, 27PT6441/37, 27PT6442/37, 27ST6210/27, 28PW6341/85, 29PT6441/44, 29PT6441/85, 29PT6541/44, 29PT6541/85, 30PW6341/37, 32MS6341/37, 32PT5441/37, 32PT6441/37, 32PT6442/37, 32PW6341/85, 32ST6210/27, 33PT5441/85

    Then order this “repair kit”:

    and follow my little syte:

    get someone to solder in the components and it’s done (not small peanuts, but anyone with a steady hand and some confidence can do it)


  5. I am a product consumer. I buy stuff that I don’t need and then sell it off or give it away. I buy stuff and don’t even use on occasion, cause I saw it on the back cover of some newspaper and the ad said ‘discount’. Now I even pay for bottled water and don’t blink. I think this is all meant to be good for the economy – well thatz the rumour. Alas then I bought a Philips product – the dreaded 27PT6441/37

    I too have fallen victim to the least desirable consumer product known to mankind the Philips 27PT6441/37 TV. From the Mongolian steppe to the jungles of the Congo to my apartment in Seattle, mention of Philips and 27PT6441/37 is enough to scatter the fiercest tribesman, drive preachers to drink and make me annoyed. What can I say, there is so much on the internet about Philips – no need to flog THE dead horse. I am amazed:

    a. How bad the product is – 27PT6441/37
    b. Dismal/ incompetent customer service
    c. Philips “who cares attitude”.

    If you feel like a laugh – this is the Philips Global Website

    “Global profile

    “…Active in over 60 businesses, and with more than 115,000 registered patents, Philips is currently number 1 in the world market for electric shavers and DVD recorders. We’re also a global leader in lighting, in TV, video and audio products, and in medical diagnostic imaging systems. Within the cyclical goods market, Dow Jones recently ranked us the global leader in sustainability…”

    When I did something silly as a child, I was made to write line to atone for the offence – well here goes…

    I will not buy a TV from a shaver manufacturer
    I will not buy a TV from a shaver manufacturer
    I will not buy a TV from a shaver manufacturer
    I will not buy a TV from a shaver manufacturer
    I will not buy a TV from a shaver manufacturer
    I will not buy a TV from a shaver ……

  6. It sounds to me from what I’ve read that the people who have the blinking light sequence need to buy the repair kit from tritronics and perform the soldering repair. However, those of us (my 32PT6441/37 sux) whose tv’s went dead and had no power, no blinking lights, no lights at all, can get by with the fuse replacement only.

    Is this accurate? Or will I be replacing the fuse every 3 months the rest of my natural life?

  7. I did the fuse replacement last night and so far so good. The fuse was obviously blown and I’ve posted some pictures and a partial walkthrough on my blog.

    Check it out. I don’t think this will work for the blinking light error code problem, but it may. It definitely seems to work for my problem. I had no error code, no green light, nada. The whole set was stone dead.

    Thank you all for your comments that have saved me over $100!

  8. I bought my Phillips two years ago during Thanksgiving holiday. It was death in a year. I repaired it for $100. And, it is death again now.
    I definitely won’t buy anything fron Phillips ever. But, I also don’t want this devil company to get away with this. I support any class action lawsuit against Phillips. It seems to me that everyone have same problem (You can find lots of similar problem by simply searching on google).

  9. Here is a lawfirm who has a class action lawsuit against Phillips TV:

    I contacted them and send them my case. Please send your problem case to them if you want to support this class action against Phillips. We cannot let this evil company get away with this. Or, many others can suffer the same problem in the future.

  10. yes no blink=fuse, but i think you can replace it with a higher amperage rating which will

    1. not blow

    2. blow the transistor = back to square 1


  11. Well hello to everyone in 32pt6441/37 let down land. I didnt realize that when I got the 3 blinks 2 blinks and 1 long blink, that I was in for a really nasty suprise. It was a great TV for six months, not so much today. Still looks great in the entertainment center though, but I really hate to move it to the floor (all 300lbs. of it). Thanks for the info on the repair kit Geoff. I think I will try it myself and save some cash for the next TV I am to have to probably buy. I have always considered Philips a good brand, the DVP642 is an awesome dvd player, thought it would look great with the TV, but alas……..

  12. Its me again, Guess what? I plugged my TV up again today just to look at the blinking power light, and miracle of miracles, it worked. It has been playing solid for about nine hours now. Kinda afraid to turn it off though. I just thought I would post this to let everyone know. Im hoping for the best, like maybe it had to discharge all power and reset. Wish me luck!!!!!

  13. Geoff, you mentioned a transistor being the problem as far as tv going on and then going off, I have had this going on, the set will come on and run for a while then it will just kick out. I will wait awhile and try again and it will come on. I hope you were refering to my situation. I would be tempted to repair it my self if I only knew which transistor was the problem. My volume is also fading in and out, any ideas on that problem? The nearest repair shop that will work on Phillips is 46 miles from my area. Any help or directions to find help on repairing will be totally appreciated, Thanks!

  14. The same thing happen again. My 29pt6442 completely shut down. Thanks to comments on this websites I change the fuse. It works! Maybe the first items in the protocal of philips TV troubleshoot should be the fuse.

  15. Same problem. Bought my 27″ Phillips at the end of 2004. It died soon after the waranty expired. After numerous attempts, I got Phillips to cover labor and parts. Six months have since passed, and the same problem just started again. TV won’t turn on. It has no power at all. VERY FRUSTRATING. Guess I will have to bit the bullet and buy a new TV this time around. And, it definitely will NOT be a Phillips!!!

  16. Hey there,

    well if you look at the site:

    the repair kit says it fixes “the horizontal driver circuit to arrive at one time”

    I guess sometimes it “would” arrive at the right time, but essentially they messed up and whatever that circuit does, it needs to be replaced.

    the fuse issue is most likely a result of this bad circuit and wouldn’t consider it a serious fix. Though daunting, i will say again that changing out the three components in the tritronics repair kit is not that hard, but takes some confidence.

    some people have been saying philips is now repairing it models for free (as result of a class-action suit), i’d check on that if you don’t feel up to opening the back of the tv 🙂


  17. Same same… victim of a dead Phillips TV. Sent it to my local repairman, but Phillips won’t sell him the parts. They told him that I can exchange it if I call Phillips. After an interminable time on hold, they come back and say they can’t exchange it (for a lot of money anyway) because it is out of warranty. Chun Tan is right- Phillips is evil. They give me their TV repair centers, but I have printed out the repair advise on this site and will give them to my repairman. I don’t want to give Phillips any more money. Thanks!

  18. After emailing the CEO of Philips I got a call back from the presidential liaison who did too little too late. My TV was fixed using the repair kit mention on this site by my tv repair place it still cost me $92.00. He did appologize for the fact that it took so long to fix it and that I was treated so badly by the customer service dept. Oh well I have learned a valuable lesson NEVER BUY PHILIPS! I just wonder how long the fix will last. Also I as far as I know and I checked aroung quite a bit there is no free fix from philips!

  19. first off, this site has been a great help.
    an old roomate left behind his philips 27″ after it stopped turning on, and it had been sitting in my closet for about 2 months…
    i just did the ‘fuse’ repair (not high tech enough to try soldering, and i’m about 100 miles away from the nearest repair center), and so far so good, for a cheap short term fix…i’ll try and post again (*if) when on how long the new fuse lasts.
    thanks for all the help!
    (and Yes, NEVER BUY PHILIPS)



  21. Just wanted to join the “I found this web page and wound up changing the fuse” club for my Philips 27PT642/37. We should be thankful for small favors–at least the fuse isn’t soldered in. and can be easily replaced by non-technicians. My set uses hex screws and fortunately I had the right size. I also lucked out in that my local Radio Shack had the fuse I needed. In case somebody has trouble finding the ninth screw, it is located on the jack panel next to the cable input. When this TV works as it should, I am very happy with it. So I’ll use it until it develops a different problem. No way is it ever going to a shop.

  22. Once again I’m just checking to see if anyone out there can help me with my TV.

    Here’s my previous post:

    Well just like everyone else here I have a dead Philips TV, model 30PW8402/37. It worked almost a year before it decided to go on vacation. Sure enough it had a bad fuse but when I replaced it, the new one blew as soon as I plugged the power cord in. 🙁

    Do I need to replace the same part as stated in earlier posts? I’m not sure what to do since I haven’t seen anyone w/ the same model with this problem.

    This thing is a complete waste of money…

  23. Like others here, I just fixed my dead TV (27PT6441/37) by buying the right screwdriver and replacing the blown fuse with a slow-blow 4amp fuse (4 for $2.50 @ Radio Shack). The TV has been working for about 8 hours now. Hopefully it will continue… if not, I have 3 more fuses left. All and all, a pain… however, I am thankful I don’t need to go buy a new TV.

  24. Chalk up another one – 27PT6441/37. It’s owned by a friend of my wife – since I’m an electronics guy she asked me to look in to it. Found a blown fuse, I did the unsafe thing and bypassed the fuse with a piece of 30 ga wire – the TV powered up. So I started searching the ‘net – lo and behold, found this blog, WOW, this TV has problems.

    So I went to the web site and ordered the following:

    212266300019 – this is the replacement Degauss thermistor (the part that goes bad and causes the fuse to blow)
    483531057673 – a repair kit to address the power on / no screen problem (might as well fix it before it breaks, right?)
    242208610914 – the ‘official’ replacement 4A slow blow fuse
    Total, including shipping, is just under $30.

    Mind you, I repair electronics as a hobby, so whipping out the soldering iron to me is like putting on a pair of shoes. This may not be for everyone, but hopefully this fixes her TV to get several more years of use out of it.

    Shame that Phillips put out such a lemon. WOW.

  25. I can only echo the others here on this site… Get the fuses from Radio Shack, problem solved. Super easy repair. Man, what a ridiculous and frustrating product. Thank goodness for this site, or I’d be out $125. Good luck to those who follow.

  26. Yup. . . I jumped on the bandwagon and put a new fuse in mine. . . just like new again. Mine lasted 18 months the first time, maybe I will be more lucky with what I have now. Radio shack did not have the correct size fuse in 4 amp slow blow 240V, so I used a full size fuse in a fuseable link and soldered the ends to the old fuse socket.

    So when can a drunk guy fix his TV without killing himself?. . . when it hasn’t been plugged in for a week, thats when. Thanks for the advice on the issue, I thought it was really dead.

  27. I am unsure of what to do about my TV problem. We bought a Philips 50 inch big screen about 4 years ago, We then started getting the flashing power button. We could unplug the set for a little while, plug it back in and it worked. but the time of leaving it unplugged got longer and longer. We had it unplugged for a week before it came back on. Once it was on it worked fine and had a good picture. So we decided to get it fixed. I called every repair shop in the phone book, no one worked on Philips because they said, getting parts was a problem. So I called the Philips company and they gave me the name of one of their repairmen, and he was only 45 minutes away. So I called him, he said for him to come to my home would be $200.00 before he even looked at the set. If we could bring it in, it would be cheaper. We took the set to him. Two weeks after we took the set to him he called and said that it was fixed and that it was going to cost us $300.00 because he had to add oil to get the color fixed. I told him we did not have trouble with the color before and he just said that it was a horrible picture and he fixed it, so I said okay it was still cheaper than buying a new one. The next day he called and said Philips had sent him a defective part and that the flashing power button was back and that it would now cost us $500.00, because there were some other things wrong and that he couldn’t even get a clear picture. I paid $1400.00 for the set so I thought $500.00 is still cheaper than buying a new one. So I told him to go ahead and fix it for the $500. Two weeks later I get a call and he says that there is so much wrong with this set that it will cost me over $1000.00 to get it fixed. We went after the set!! The repairman kept the $100.00 deposit that he had insisted on when we left the set with him. We plugged the set in and the power light is still flashing, I don’t think he did anything. I called the Philips company and have gotten passed around, put on hold, disconnected, until I gave up and just bought a new set (not a Philips). But if someone knows what is wrong and it wouldn’t cost a fortune to get it fixed I would really like to have the big screen again. Thanks

  28. OK, I am just depressed and a couple hours older reading this site. I have a 34″ model number 34pw9817 from the crappy company. It is about 4 years old costs $2200 and was on the edge of tv technology at the time. It has been blinking red at us for awhile now, but we unplugged it and it would go back to green. Sometimes for a couple of months, then in a day we would be uplugging it several times and sursing everytime. Well, Friday it popped, went to blinking red, and today is Monday and it still will not recover to green, hence no tv.

    I only saw one mention of this model number on this site. I called a nice guy on craigslist and he is due here Wednesday morning. He sounds like he makes his money making repairs in-home, and will not hijack my tv like all the repair shops wanted to do. He said he will cold solder and diagnos for about $60. If the cold soldering fixes it (see ) then great, but if not he will do more diagnosis. All of this will cost only $70 or so. I will update the site when I get a result. But I gotta say, and I hope Philips is listening, I own 3 Philips and I will never, ever, ever, ever again buy your crap.

    If anyone reads this and has a clue for me to tell the repair guy, email me at junkbw_ austin_ rr_ com (replace the underscores with the appropriate @ and dots)

  29. Wow. Our Phillips went dead for the third time in two years a couple of nights ago. First time it came back on when I plugged it into a different outlet. Second time nothing worked so I took it back to Best Buy. After a run around I spent $25 and lost two weeks to be told that there was nothing wrong with it. After reading this site I don’t buy that for a second. Last night I bought a Sylvania for about half what I paid for the Phillips. I was going to just throw the old set into Best’s parking lot, but I’m going to give the fuse thing a try.

  30. Yup, $2.71 tax included at Radio Shack and I’m back in business. Phillips and Best are going to get letters.

  31. Background: 34″ widescreen philips hidef TV.
    In the past the TV would “pop” screen would go to blank and the red light would come on a flash. I began unplugging and replugging in and it would usually go to green. This may occur 5 or 6 times on some days, and on others would not occur at all. It has gone a couple of months with no problem and then BAM, in one day we may see it 6 times.

    Current: The TV did the pop thing on a Friday, and repeated attempts to unplug and replug failed, ending up in a terminal red light. We were not able to turn it on for 4 days. Then yesterday morning, the wife tried it and it came on, only to go off a few minutes later. She tried again and awhile later it was off. We gave up.

    I called the local shops and they wanted a minimum of $130 to “diagnose” the problem and this would involve hijacking the TV and taking it back to their shop. I had done a lot of research on this on the internet and saw a few posts where they talked about “cold solder problems” on the high voltage board of the TV. I asked the shops I called to just come out and cold solder the high voltage board, not knowing what I was asking them to do. I thought cold soldering was some fancy way to solder cold (not hot) using chemicals I surmised or maybe some fancy TV gun. They told me they could not do such a thing in my house.

    So I hung up and got onto and placed a search for TV repair. I found a guy here who said he would come out and do it for $30 an hour. He would do it all here and if it did not fix the problem, he would give me the part numbers for the boards that he thought needed replaced. I thought cool.

    He showed up this morning early, and he found some bad spots. Now let me try and educate you better than I was. A cold solder it turns out is a solder that has gone bad, and the connection is not as good as it should be. They can be seen by the trained and sometimes not so trained eye. They have usually a crack that circles the joint. If you have every seen an electronic board (the thing with holes in it) and the devices attached to it with the pretty silver on one side, these are solder joints. The silver part. A solder went “cold” when it went bad. Probably at the point when it was made. He used a solder gun and resoldered the joints where they would connect properly. Hence, “cold soldering” or fixing the bad solders.

    Well he put it all together and we had the TV on 2 hours later. It has been on since. Keep your fingers crossed. Anyone with half a brain who is in TV repair and good with soldering can do this. If you’re just good a soldering, you will have a bit more trouble because you have to figure out what board and part to solder.

    Bottom line is, in a couple of hours, the TV is on, and I gave him $100 and he only asked for $60. Not a bad deal even paying him more.

    I hope this helps someone, and if you know anything more, please post it. This little website helped save my TV and it will save someone else’s.

  32. Well after posting that my 32pt6441 worked again after plugging it back up after 3 days, it only lasted a day. 3 2 1 blink. Well, I let it sit for a few weeks hoping it would self discharge, ordered the tritronics repair kit and I changed out the components, making sure I didnt touch anything I didnt have to, in order solder in the components. (High voltage is a scary thought). The website that Geoff has a link to is a real help. Soldering the new components is not that bad a job, use very small needle nose pliers to hold the tiny transistor and with a little solder on the board, solder one leg of the transistor on and it will hold so you can get the other two done. The TV has been going good for 2 days now. Its so sad that we have to fix our own tvs. Thanks to all who found out about the repair kit, and kudos to Geoff for the website, good luck to all who try the repair themselves.

  33. Do you know where can buy #483531057673 repair kit, #242208610914 fuse and #212266300019 in Canada. I have same problem. Who can help me. thanks!

  34. My tv stoped working as well. My tv (27PT6441/37) also had a blow fuse. I just bought a 4A 250V Slow Blow fuse and now it works again. I did this after contacting Philips customer service and being told they know their tv have this problem but it’s not their responsibility and contacting the BBB bureau and them n ever receiving a response from philips. Needless to say I’ll never purchase a philips product again regardless if it a tv or whatever it may be.

    Make a long story short the fuse did fix the problem but not sure for how long it will last. Took longer for me to get the nerve to stick my hand into the back after getting the screws loose than to change the fuse. I read alot of stuff about the getting electrocuted so i was careful not to touch anything but the fuse with some needle nose pliers.

  35. __________________________________________________________
    Great site and great info.

    It is my understanding that Phillips extended their warranty for both parts and labor to 18 months for the less adventurous!

  36. Anyone know about the 32rf82 5327? Three years ago I had the 27pt that many of you have had problems with. When I bought it a year and a half earlier Phillips offered a well priced warrantee, and after a month of trying to fix the tv phillips replaced the 27pt with the 32rf82 (it was all they had). Now it is shutting off just like the 27pt did.

    It would be nice if I could just replace a fuse.

  37. I also have the same problem, I first called phillips and after several calls they called and said the warranty had been extended to 1 year and half due to the defect. Unfortunately for me I purchased it 2 yrs ago. After reading all your helful posts. I first tried the fuse and that didnt work. So i ordered the kit but I have a few transistor missings so I will call tomorrow. For all of you afraid of doing this I have never soldred anything in my life and I find it actually fun to do, its like a science project. The only thing that was a bitch to get in place was the small black square, mine doesnt look too pretty but I think I finally got it in place. The transistors and the big piece are easy to remove and install. I wil report back and let you know if it worked with the kit. Count me in for the class action suit. Willl never buy Phillips again although they made me a pro at soldering.

  38. Javier, do you have the same model as me?
    I find it interesting that Phillips replaced my problem TV with another model that has the same problem.

  39. I have the 36PT71B and I am having similar problems. The set just shuts off. The first few times I can turn it back on, then after it warms up a bit it just keeps shutting down as I turn it on. When it’s off, I get two blinks of the red light, delay for about 4-5 seconds, two blinks, delay, etc. Any Thoughts?

  40. If you have a flat screen it may be a similar product with a different model #. I have not noticed the red on light blinking when the tv turns off. But, it does make a sound like a switch reseting if I push the on button on the tv or from the remote, after that it will turn on for a while after pushing the on button again.

    Note: I unplugged the tv for several days getting prepaired to take to a repair shop. I plugged it back in over the weekend just to see what would happen and it’s been working for two days now.
    I also checked to fuse by the power cord, and it is not the problem.

    I’ll let you know if it goes out again.

    email me if you find out something. Philips service on the phone was a joke. They claim to know nothing about all the problems you read about here, and it is just a fluke that I’ve had the same problem with two tv’s in three years. I should have bought the extended warrantee they said.

  41. I have the Magnavox 27″ 27MT3305/17. Purchased it new at Best Buy on 11/25/05 for Christmas. It worked fine until it quit tonight – May 21, 2006. I was changing the channel and there was a slight pop and then no picture or sound, although the green light next to the power button still lights up. Guess I will call Magnavox to see if they will extend the warranty – thanks for the tip. If not, thanks for all of the information on buying the new fuse at Radio Shack.

    What a dissapointing T.V. Our other Magnavox 27″ bought new 10 years ago still works good.

  42. I have the Phillips 32rf82 5327 and it died yesterday. I have the two flashes of the Red LED on front similar to the above thread. I just pulled the fuse and it still has continuity so I assume that is not the problem. Will look into ordering the transistor kit reported above and report back if I have success.

  43. I bought a phillips 27″ 27PT6441/37 a few months ago and it went out a week ago. After taking the back off my son found the blown fuse. hopefully this will fix it and I do not need to buy the repair kit for it. After reading all of these complaints I would definitally be part of a class action. We work to hard to spend our money on crap when we are made to believe we are buying a quality product and get the run around like this from philips.

  44. We have a 36 inch Philips TV (36RF82 S327) that is having the same issue
    with turning off and not turning back on. I called a couple repair shops in town and was quoted $280 and up. Does anyone know what fuse we would need to get?

  45. Same sad story from me. But I was lucky enough to find all this info on the web that saved me a serious repair bill. The quick swap of a fuse was all it took to get the TV back to working order. My fuse had an actual readable label on it and wasn’t “coded” as aparently many of the fuses were. Only time will tell if the fix will last, but I’m keeping fuses on hand just in case.

  46. Same problem here with the 27PT. I have not replaced the fuse yet but i have taken it out and its dead. I had my tv for a little over a year before it happened. Does anyone know how long this lasts? did phillips just get some bad fuses in? This is certainly a cheaper fix, but im wondering should i up the fuses to either 4.5 or 5amp. Thanks for the site.

  47. Thank you for these posts! It was so easy to find the fuse. And I have never opened any electronics before. I got the fuse out but it’s a 6.3H250V and radio shack is closed… but I’ll try the fix tomorrow. However, I already bought a replacement tv. I figured that I’d buy referb’d tv. That way I know any lemon issues have been fix and I get it CHEAP. So far so good. I couldn’t believe the prices on

  48. NO LUCK! I replaced both fuses that I saw and I’m still without any video. When I turn the tv on I get the blue screen, the tv menu is clear and works. I can even see the cc and hear the audio for what I have on. But NO video, just black. If I pull out the video RCA cable the screen goes blue, plug it back in… black again. I’ve tried all the av inputs and they all act the same. I’ve reset the av settings and get nothing.
    Can anyone please tell me what I can try next? Is there a video card or separate part of the bulb that processes the video feed?

    Any comments would be great. I don’t want to throw the set out. It’s 14 months old and a 30PW series.

  49. Hi I am a tv tech and worked for a philips authorized service center. Philips consumer division was just bought out by IBM and parts have been hard to get for awhile but it is better now. The dead 27pt tv is caused by the varistor which conducts when the set is first turned on to demagnetize the picture tube. Increasing the amp rating on the fuse is not wize as this could cause more damage or even a fire. We charged about $50 for this repair as it takes only about 20 minutes to do. For people with the dead or intermitten dead big screens that are 4 to 5 years old this is usualy caused by the ssb board which is a plug in board like a computer card. These were unavailable for awhile because philips said they had to rework the card to improve reliability. The bad news is when they became available again I noticed the price had increased by about $100. Philips is not the only manufacture that has problems with certan models but overall philips does make good products.

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