Television Repair

I speak of repair of the hardware, not the industry. A while back our brand spanking new Philips 27″ television mysteriously began denying that it had any knowledge of electricity. Our GE died after 12 years, so we expected the Philips to last a bit longer than four months. So, we called Philips regarding the situation, and, so sorry, we only cover labor for 90 days, feel free to take it to Stanton TV in Danbury, CT, for repair.

The unit has two components: the CRT and the circuit board. It’s simply a solid-state, single-purpose computing device attached to various means of I/O. It took longer to unscrew the back than it does to remove the board and swap it. But, after arguing the point with “Support,” it appears Policy prevents them from sending me the part. I might shock myself, after all. (Maybe I shouldn’t mention the Macintosh SE/30 lying disassembled on the floor of the basement.)

So we took it in. It’ll be $75 for the labor, they say.

Time passes.

“What’s taking so long?” I ask. “We’re waiting for parts.”

Time passes.

“Well?” “We’re troubleshooting the problem.”

Time passes.

“And?” “We’re waiting for parts; they should be here by the end of the week.”

Time passes.

“Oh?” “We’re troubleshooting the problem.”


They called today to tell us that it’s ready. If they think we’re paying for four weeks of labor, they have another think coming. I can pick up a Bigger, Better, More Feature-Rich Boob Tube at Wal*Mart for under $300. Why would I pay to have this one repaired?

Why doesn’t Philips do as Dell does, and send a guy to swap parts? Or, like IBM, just send the part?


  1. Well, as promised in my letter of complaint, I am posting the response Philips Corporate sent me. I took a stab at guessing the email address of the company’s CEO, first name dot last name @ philips dot com. It’s easy enough to find out who the new CEO is (google google google), but I won’t incriminate him directly here… Anyway, I received a lovely email from the “Presidential Liason” whatever that is. It was very prompt, which leads me to believe that I reached said CEO’s mailbox. Ha. She expressed interest in opening a line of communication so I could discuss more to her my 27PT woes. I responded with my mobile number and a variety of ways for her to contact me directly. It was nice to have such undivided attention for a change. Needless to say it was quite fleeting. After a rather curt voicemail message form her explaining that she really can’t send me the parts I need to fix it myself, there was some mention of having the 27PT serviced at “Philips’ Commencement” whatever that means. Notice she didn’t say “On the house” or “at our expense.” No, it was, “at Philips’ Commencement.” Hmm.

    I suspect she was attempting to get me to drop my TV off at my “local authorized service center” and then stiff me with a chubby bill.

    I write “suspect” because that was the last I heard back from Philips Corporate. I followed the instructions given by some wonderful DIY people here and on a couple other forums, and fixed the damned thing myself. I went to Radio Shack and bought a 4 AMP 250 VOLT SLOW BLOW FUSE (5mm x 20mm) and it seemed to do the trick. They come in packs of 4 for like 3 bucks. Not a bad deal for me, but a rotten one for Philie. I suppose their Marketing Dept. will have to clean up the mess made by Corporate, Service, just about every other dept. at P Co, because I’m going to live up to my end of the bargain and post all this info wherever it applies…

  2. I simply cannot believe how unreliable this product is. I am luckier than some of you, my 28PW9527C/05 lasted 3 years before suffering complete shutdown. Customer care! Philips DO’NTcare thats the point. If this happened in the car industry the maker would be forced to announce a recall of all products effected in this way.
    Just in case anybody thinks it is only the TV which is sub standard, I can confirm the DVD player was unable to read the discs and eventually suffered a complete management system failure. The cordless headphones ‘on’ ‘off’ switch also melted while on recharge. (The last 2 product failures occurred shortly before the TV malfunction).
    If I were CEO of Philips or any person involved technical development I would be deeply concerned if I accessed this site and read the customer testimonials. I will certainly purchase a Toshiba or Panasonic.
    Disappointed is an understatement. Why do you make it so easy for your competitors to sell their products?
    PS. this site should be required reading for all Philips senior managers globally.

  3. Jason,

    Thank you very much for your advice on May 25th, 2005 at 6:05 pm. My brothers Phillips Magnavox 27″ (27PT6441) TV suddenly didn’t want to turn on anymore. At first, I thought it was the batteries in the remote. That was not the case. I then proceeded to unscrew the 9 screws and take the back off of TV. Just as you said, I found the fuse located right near where the power cord entered the circuit board. My brother then went Radio Shack and bought a 6-pack of 250V 4 amp slow blow fuses. The operation was a huge success! His TV actually lasted two years before the fuse blew. He now has a six pack of fuses so I guess he’s good for at least 12 more years 🙂

  4. So I feel everyone’s pain. A lot of good info on the pages below. Maybe I will try the fuse, but I already bought a new tv for another $300, I got an extended warranty this time too. My 27” lasted just over a year, but I don’t use if very much. I would bet this thing is probably good for only so many cycles of use and then gives out. I am very disappointed with Phillips and will never buy one of their products again… too bad it was a nice set…

  5. WARNING!!!
    I just went to Radio Shack and bought the 4 amp 250V slow-blow fuses and the 5 amp 125V fast-acting fuses. Didn’t have the time to read all the posts on here before i attempted my repair so I decided to use the 5 amp fuse first. DID NOT WORK!

    I will be trying the 4 amp fuse tomorrow. Hopefully with more success. Should have read all the posts before I attempted this. I recommend you do too.

    Don’t be afraid to do it yourself (though I take no responsibility for any injury or death incurred). I AM A WOMAN and I had never opened an electronic device in my life, but I figured it couldn’t be that hard. IT WAS SIMPLE!!!

    A flashlight and a semi-steady hand is all it takes to get the old fuse out and the new fuse in – and the fuse is right next to where the power cord attaches the circuit board and is very easy to see (though mine did not appear blown). VERY SIMPLE AND VERY INEXPENSIVE!

    I’ll report back on the 4amp 250v slow-blow fuse tomorrow. Thanks!

  6. I have the 27PT5441/37, same issue. I decided to do some investigating on my own (It’s the IT degree I am working on that makes me tinker with things) and found that it was in fact the fuse that was blown. Radio Shack carries the fuse for about $3 a pack. Part # 270-1067. Hope this helps someone. I won’t be buying Philips anymore, that’s for sure!

  7. I replaced the Thermistor and the set still had the 3-2-1 code and did not turn ON. I did a search on the Chassis Number and low and behold there is a ‘repair’ kit for this problem! It appears there are about 20-25 models that use this same chassis and have this similar problem. The repair kit is P/N 483531057673. It costs $13.65 including shipping from Tritronics.
    The kit includes a Driver Transformer, a 1K resistor (they sent 1.2K) a selection of 2 watt resistors depending on the CRT size and a SMD FET. All but the FET are easily replaced. Those who have had little experience replacing SMD’s should take heart. This is a very very small device. A very small tip soldering iron and magnifying glass are required.
    After installation the set returned to ‘like new’ condition.
    The SMD is located on the bottom of the PC board, so you have to do a good inspection to locate it. The resistors and transformer are easily located. Good luck!
    Dan K.

  8. I have a 34PW9817 Phillips tv and have similar problems. Its shuts off after every couple of minutes and get a red blinking light. Last nite I tried to change the fuse and it worked for sometime but again powered off…althought this time the TV was on for more time (30 mins). Please help if you have any suggestions.


  9. Ditto on the power stories…..although, mine waited 11 months to go. I am going to try changing the fuse. I’ll let you know if it works. Thanks to all for all this great info. I can’t believe Phillips can get away with selling a piece of junk like this. I for one will NEVER buy another Phillips product. I’ll make sure everyone I know gets the word too.

  10. I’m adding our 15 month old 32PT5441/37 to this list. The TV will not power up, but the power button flashes; 3 flashes, pause, two flashes, pause, then one long flash and then repeats the pattern. Philips’ customer support is useless. They referred me to 2 ‘authorized’ repair facilities where I received minimum quotes of $120! Philips is stating they are not aware of any problems with this model or chassis. Sure. They said that the flashing LED is not a code. Sure. Anyway, I “Googled” my model number and discovered this site, along with a few others. I decided to remove the back of the TV and replace the fuse, but unfortunately the fuse was not the problem. I decided to order the L04.1U AA repair kit that’s been discussed here. I’m hoping this will work. I’ll know in a few days. I’ve already pulled the circuit board out. It makes me sick that Philips is taking our money and laughing all the way to the bank. Thank goodness for all the support here!!

  11. Dave please let me know whether using the repait kit worked…and if it does a… detailed description of what you did would be helpful. Seems like your issue is similar to mine.

  12. My 27PT6441/37 lasted just over a year. Bought it Dec. 2004 and it is now Jan 2006. Had it plugged into a surge protector, maybe that’s why it lasted till now. The other day it just shut off. I am going to try the fuse replacement, thanks to all.

  13. I know of this pain as well. I work in the hospitality indusrty and we purchased about 60 Phillips TV’s: model 27ST6210/27. So far since we bought them about 6 months ago, about 23 of them crashed due to power failure.

    We plan to expand our property soon and I doubt if I will be going with this model again.

    Thanks for all your comments.

  14. Well the fuse worked!!! Thanks again everyone. It was easy once I located that “ninth” screw. It was hidden in the cluster of RCA jacks on the back of the set. Can’t believe the repair places are chargin $100-$120 for this repair.

  15. Hi all. I’m in the Magnavox warranty trap. 41 days and counting. I have a 51 inch box and well, that’s what I have a 51″ black box that’s been sitting there for 41 days. 41 days and 4 service calls later and it’s still not fixed. First it was don’t have the parts, then don’t have the right parts and now it’s we need more parts. Hehe.. gotta laugh. It’s under warranty but my 4 days + off work I could have bought a better tv with the rate of pay I get. I have learned two valuable lessons. First off buy the least expensive biggest tv you can find and never even think of getting a tv “fixed”. That’s the way I’m gonna look at it from now on. Man, do these people think these are bic lighters or what? Oh by the way, I have a nineteen inch I’m using. It’s a Magnavox and it’s 20 years old.. Great picture. These things nowadays are made to break.

  16. Update! I am happy to report my TV is working again!!! I just finished installing the chassis kit (483531057673). I still can’t believe it! To be honest, I didn’t have much hope. And now I can’t thank everyone enough for the information they provided. I want to extend a special “THANK YOU!” to C. William Cox, Jr., the owner of this site, and also to Dan K., and Tim – – if not for them I would never have attempted this repair.
    Chet, sorry to hear you’re in the same boat! I’m a mechanic so I do have a little knowledge about components and soldering, but I have never repaired a television or worked on small circuitry. I’m worried about giving instructions when it involves possible electrocution . . . If you search the internet you’ll find information about discharging the set. I’ve heard that the capacitor will discharge itself over time, but, just in case, I discharged mine anyway.
    As far as the kit itself, I simply followed Tim and Dan’s instructions. One thing that I should point out was that there were no labels on the resistors, so I located a value chart online:

    I used a 30 watt soldering pencil but I was sure I would overheat the components. Apparently I did okay, but I did do some “practice” soldering on an old circuit board beforehand.
    Apparently my transformer was the culprit because I saw obvious signs of overheating. I did install the complete kit tho. Also, I don’t think I would have been successful without having an extra set of hands. And I’ll admit I found the repair nerve racking at times, especially working with that transistor. One thing is for sure, I couldn’t have done it without the support of the good people here!
    I’d still like to see a recall or a class action lawsuit. The fact that Philips even makes this repair kit is proof that they’re aware of this defect. This page on Amazon featuring 78 complaints on the 27PT6441 is a must read because we all have the same chassis:

  17. If only I’d found this website sooner. I made the wrong decision and purchased a 27′ Phillips today. Got it home, plugged it in, fired it up, but it didn’t fire up. All I got was the white screen with squiggly lines through it. then it gives me the “code”, then it appears to shut off, but when I try to turn the set off it won’t turn off and stay off.

    I called Phillips Customer Service….what a joke. I’m going to return this dog to place of purchase over the weekend and go to a real television store, not Wal-Mart again. It’s not their fault, unless they’re selling these things knowing they are shabby. This piece of junk will make someone a nice paperweight.

  18. 02/03/06 Just fixed my 27 PT 6441 TV. The fuse lasted 1 year. Hard to tell that the fuse is blown but it should have a dot of Silver or solder on the wire in the middle. I bought a “Husky” TORX “8 in 1” screw driver set (it’s a small hanging package) at Home Depot for around $5 to remove the 9 star-shaped screws. (Don’t forget the one in the middle of the colored output plugs.) I left the TV standing just regularly and the back slid off easily once the screws were out. The fuses are at Radio Shack and you need size 5mm x 20mm, 4 amp SLOW BURN. Just pop the fuse back in, replace TV cover and screws and plug it in.

  19. Have a Philips 32″ TV Mod TP3285 c121 built april 2001. The only thing it does is flash the power LED 4 times when turning it on by remote or on the TV. Or it will flash 5 times using the other buttons on the TV. Set has few hours on it and would like to be able to get it back up and running. Looked inside briefly and all looked OK but it was a rather hurried look. Seems it is giving me an error code of some kind. Anyone able to help with any suggestions other than throwing it out, at least for now! Thanks, Curt…

  20. Thanks to the wonderful posters on this board, I was able to repair the TV myself with the advice I found here. I had to buy a tork screwdriver and the fuses, but it was well worth it. My TV is working fine. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but have not heard anything from Philips. They obviously made a substandard product and could care less about their consumers. At least we all know now, that in the future, we will never buy their product again.

  21. Philips, through the BBB, offered to have my TV fixed. They made no mention of paying for it, and I wouldn’t assume that it was implied. I told them that I fixed it myself and that they should be more concerned with the factory defect than my individual problem.

  22. Well, I’m just another victim or the horrible 27inch Philips Flat Screen super super short life. I bought a Sharp TV 8 years ago that worked the whole way through I even sold it to someone and it was still working… then I decide to get a Philips flat screen… 11 months later it dies on me. How oh so very convenient to pay $300 for a television that last a little longer than the life of a small fly. Well, I’m going to go buy the fuse and the tool to remove the back and that better fix it… otherwise I’m gonna hafta waste my time talking to the stupid BBB. Oh and from now on have no worries.. I will NEVER be purchasing any products made by Philips ever again since apparently our business isn’t important enough for them to attempt to helps us with their defective product, it clearly should have been recalled.

  23. I have a phillips t.v. and all of the sudden today it is locking me out of certain chanels! The smartlocks are all off it just seems to be doing this on its own! Has anyone else experienced this?

  24. Hey there, I followed the link for the philips repair package from TriTronics Here:


    the package cost over $13, but I bought it even with the freakin $7 for shipping.

    Unfortunately the kit does not come with any “semi-instructions”, nothing. I have asked TriTronics to give some info.

  25. I also have on of the dreaded 27″ flat screen Philips TV. I purchased my at Best Buys on February 6, 2005. Watched Survivor on Thursday night and set my VCR to record CSI and Without a Trace then went on to bed. When I work up Friday morning to watch the news nothing. I changed batteries in the remote, moved to different outlets on the surge protector and nothing changed. I did purchase the Best Buy warranty so I call them. They could have someone out on Saturday and the technician would call between 7 and 9 to set a time up. The technician call and said that he had to order a new computer board and I would have that on Thursday and when it arrived I would have to call to set up another service appointment. The technician stated that this tv was know to have cb problems (my mother asked him even after a year) and he said yes. I hauled my butt to Best Buy and wanting the tv replaced (wish I had found this site earlier). The manager stated that wasn’t how the warranty works since I did not by a replacement plan. We were both very corgial towards one another he listened to my concerns and we discussed some more. I told him what the tech said on the phone and the manager couldn’t understand how the tech knew what the problem was with looking at it. I agreed with him and I think that was why I was up set the most is that the technician didn’t even come out to diagnose the problem. I asked the store manager to call the best buy service to have someone come out and diagnose the problem. He was more than happy to do that. The tech is supposed to come out Tuesday. I am going to print this site out and see if he can look at the fuse. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. My service is going to cost me anything under my Best Buy warranty coverage. I will let you now what happens. PS The manager at Best Buy asked me if I had a Best Buy card because if I did I could purchase a new set then return it once my is fixed. My question to you all is who wants to haul around a 27″ TV?

  26. i have the same problem with my 27pt6441. it’s only been about a year since i bought it. a friend told me it was the fuse. the sales person at radio shack told me i needed to find the # of amp it uses just incase it would blow up or melt. called up # for philips. they needs to train their employees more on their products. stupid lady didn’t know what it was, gave # to the tech. and i kept getting a really weird ringing and would get disconnected. they suck. now that i think about it, there’s so many people with the same problems that they should know what to do. thanks for all the info.

  27. I can see that we have been extremely lucky compared to most of you – our Philips 32PT6441/37 lasted 18 months before it stopped working!!!!! Unfortunately I can’t say that we have been luckier than any of you when it comes to Philips customer service. Based upon the quality of the TV and their customer service I am surprised to see that they are still in business. When I called them this morning to address the problem, I was told that they were aware of the issue but that they couldn’t do anything to help me because the set wasn’t covered by the warranty anymore. I told them about this web page and that we apparently weren’t the only ones having problems with this specific model but that didn’t seem to make any difference. I also called my local Walmart store where I bought the TV. I gave them the model number and this web page as a reference and the store manager told me that he would contact Philips and let them know that they have a product that is causing great dissatisfaction among the customers. We are going to try and fix the TV ourselves by following the directions that some of you have provided. Thank you for that. If there is any class action law suit going on please let me know because I think that it is important that we try to make them pay for what they have done or better said what they haven’t done!!!!!

  28. Hey there all, I got the repair kit from tritronics, but this looks like no easy task, the idea is to “allow the Horizontal driver circuit to arrive at one time and improve reliability.” (tritronic’s notes)

    the trouble is this looks like a really hard soldering job, not to mention getting the devices in there. I have the 3/2/1 blink problem, but I tried a fuse (I work at Radioshack) and this was a no go)

    anyone need a discount card ? (heh)

  29. exactly the same with my 27PT6442/37. No power. I bought it OCT , 2004 and now it is out of warranty. The stupid philips told me to plug and unplug the power again. Sigh! Don’t I know check the outlet? then he just give me a tel. of a service center. the guy there told me it typically may cost 100 to 150 USD. as a first guess, I thougt it may cause by the fuse! STUPID PHILIPS, the screws the used are not common-used cross like screws, but hexagram—which makes the back cover more difficult to open! today I tried several time by using a flat screwdrive the finally open it. the fuse is indeed broken. thanks all your guys, I think i can buy a new one , 5map, 250 V ,from radio shack, and replaced all by myself! Suck Philips, Suck philips service center!

  30. this tv sucks my 27in flat screen died after 10 months DO NOT BUY phillips it is my first tv to act up. my last tv was 12yrs old (Sony) and NEVER had a single problem, PHILLIPS is pathetic. A $300 investment is worthless if it dies in 10 months i Barley even watched the thing. If any one wants to do the class action i am definetly in on it. please email me at if anyone has moved forth with this, i am more than willing to take part in this. Phillips should pay for being so pathetic in manufacturing TV’s.

  31. I work at a radioshack anc actually tried the fuse thing beforehand. No go, cuz the TV is getting power, this repair kit is going to be more than I can chew right now, requires some skill on the soldering tool and some investment in tools that I am not going to do right now.

    Alls well in smallville,


  32. Hi Guys. Another one here. I bought two of the 27PT6442/37 in January of 05. They both lasted about a year until December of 05. I thought my problem was a fuse all along because they didn’t lose power until the cable company installed a new box and programmed their remote to turn “all on”. Both TV’s went within 2 weeks of each other. Since they were out of warranty, I took them to a repair shop and they quoted me $90 for each TV. They didn’t even give me a definative answer to what exactly they were fixing. And even then, their work was only guaranteed for 90 days. Luckily, I found this site. I picked up my TV’s from the repair shop, bought the fuses from Radio Shack and the Stanley Torx wrench kit for $5 from Home Depot and was able to replace the fuses myself with the help of everyone else’s notes here. So now they both work for 65 cents each. For anyone who is reading this and wondering if they can do the fix themselves, let me put your mind at ease. I am not mechanically or electronically inclined at all and it was very easy to do if you follow the instructions in the above posts. The hardest part is lifting the TV. Even if I have to change the fuses again at some point, it is still cheaper and easier than getting a new TV at this time. Buy you can bet that I am done buying Philips products. They totally suck.

  33. Hi, this is an update: I bought the tritronics repair kit, and replaced the transformer and two resistors. The kit calls to replace a “field effect transistor” but the kit they sent me, for some reason it’s not in the holder. I’m going to have to wait for them to send me the part. as of right now, it’s still on eht blink even with the new components =/

  34. hi,
    it isnt just limited to the 27 and 32, i have 60″ rear projection. 60PP92017. It is three years old and the same thing happened today. clicked off while watching, but power button still lit. let it sit or awhile came back on for a couple hours, goes off. gonna check the fuse tomorrow. I have a 5 year extended warranty i bought, but takes several weeks for repair apparenlty. if the fuse doesnt work, i will go that route. the tv cost me nearly 2,000 when i bought it so gotta get it fixed!

  35. We purchased our Philips 29 inch two years ago. We got it home and shortly after we noticed a line going across the screen and it would shut off now and then. Within the last 9 months the line and the tv shutting off increased. The tv doesn’t work at all now. We tried changing the resistor and that didn’t work either. I haven’t tried calling Philips and it seems it would be a waste of time. I have been looking around to see if there has been a recall issued and haven’t found one. If anyone can provide me with information about starting a class action lawsuit or if anyone has started to pursue one, let me know. This definately requires some legal action as I have seen many many people with problems with these televisions on over a dozen sites and there are hundreds of people on each one.

  36. Just an update. The Best Buy service repair guy came out with a new circuit/computer board only to discover that it was crushed. This was on February 18th. He had to order another one. He came back out on February 23 installed the new board well you all won’t believe this (of course with all the grips here you all might). The board did not work. He left it in and told my folks that he had to order another one. I turned the set on to see what it would do and it cracked liked you wouldn’t believe. I unplugged the set. Know I have to wait until March 28 for another board. I also spoke with Best Buy again tonight (3/7/06) to get an up dated. I asked all kinds of questions and customer service has to wait until the 28 and then if the part is not in they can resubmit under the lemon laws. Then it can take up to 10 business days to get an approval and declination. This is ridiculus. It has been down since February 10.

  37. Same exact problem in the TV my brother-in-law purchased for his Dad. I knew years ago after working with Philips on a laser disk project that their only interest was being CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP — and that I would never purchase ANYTHING from Philips. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS – Philips=CRAP.

  38. Try one damn day!! – Our tv crapped out after about 4 hours… So for more than a year (first post was 1/1/05) this has been going on. You know big retailers like Wal-Mart and Costco have got to be fully aware of the bulk items they buy to sale to consumers… So they all suck a$$ as far as I’m concerned. They know exactly what they are doing… BBB has got to step up…. Completely shameful.

  39. I also purchased a Philips mod.#27PT6441, in August 2004. Today is Wed.,It went out Mon. After a couple of calls to C/S (JOKE) and visiting their web site for help (JOKE),you all know what I got. Same as the politicians in this couintry. Thanks to you web site, I found the amp size of the fuse I need to purchase. By the way, Philips directed me to two repair shops, both about the same price for repairs. $35.00 for estimate, $99.00 labor, and whatever for parts, if I carry the set in. Add another $64.00 for them to come to house and pick up the set. I might have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night!!! The only way to beat them is “DO NOT BUT PHILIPS PRODUCTS”, let them know and spread the word!!!


  40. Bad Philips entered into my House with my wrong decision. Same problem I am facing. May be Philips programmed to stop this box after 90 days :).

    I dont want to waste my time calling srvice centre, after learning from others experince. Here I found a writeup on “How to fix this Problem”, (I am going to try to fix by following this information)

    Tuesday, Dec 20 2005 , 11:33 AM Never Buy Philips ( )

  41. Phillips 27PT543S37A /L01.1U?AC-7638 Upon turn on brigthness will increase thereafter the TV will shut down.


  43. I found a 15PF9925/17S on the trash yesterday, minus the power supply. It looked brand new so I took it home. Googled the part number and found this site. Originally it went for $400 but closeout shops have it for $168. Now I know why it is so cheap on the web and why it was on the trash. This is a great site. I am going to make a point of telling everyone I know not to buy Phillips. If I can fix it, great. If not, the trashcan awaits another fine Phillips product.

  44. I opened up the 15PF9925/17S this morning. There is no cartridge type of fuse that is easily replaced. Internally, it appears that Phillips had intended to put out a good product. I regard the problems as a design flaw. the probable cause is defective components or the wrong choice of a component. I only found one component that looks to be a type of fuse: Component F801 The rating is 2 Amps at 125volts. But if the power supply puts out 12 volts, why rate a fuse at 125 volts? On a PCB? OK I am not a repairman, but this looks odd. It only has two leads and is a little plastic rectangle in the corner near the tuner. I tried researching this on the web, but without the manufacturers data it appears to be hopeless. When these type of fuses blow, it means the whole board should be replaced, or so I’ve read. It doesn’t look very promising.

  45. Our Philips 32PT41B121 will be working just beautifully, and then all of a sudden the whole screen goes purple. It will stay that way until I unplug it for awhile and then it works again for some period of time. It has gotten to where the picture doesn’t stay for very long, so we’ve quit using it. Called a couple local places and they say it is probably the picture tube. This doesn’t sound right to me. It seems like it could be something simple like a compacitor or resistor or thermometer or something. Any ideas? Thanks!!

  46. I wish I had found your web info before this! I have been going around in circles with Phillips who will not give me any information about ‘known problems’ with my 27PT6441. This model was a gift and as I do not have a receipt they will not tell me anything other than “there’s no warrenty”.
    Has anyone presented this information to the Better Business Bureau or other product defect group? I have been lead to beleive that my set’s problem is a One Off problem.

  47. Wow, I thought that I had found the deal of the century when I purchased my first new televsion a 32pt5441/27. My last television was given to me as a child it was a 13″ Magnavox that still works fine but it is obviously very small. I actually thought that Philips was a higher quality line of Magnavox so when I found this set on sale and with an additional Best Buy coupon I eagerly surrendered $289.00 to take it home. Thankfully my set has lasted almost two years but that is probably because I only use it to watch movies and local broadcasts about 2-3 times per week. It has always been hooked up to a surge protector its entire life and as of about three months ago it hs been hooked up to a $400+ Monster Power “Home Theater Reference PowerCenter HTS 3500 MKII power conditioner/protector/ monitor/”protect you from anything and everything that could possibly cause harm.” Alas this afternoon I decided to watch a movie and all I get is a click, a hum, and a bliking light. (So if you have experienced trouble and have not had your tv hooked up to some sort of power protection I would suggest that it was just a matter of time before it happened anyway.) Thanks to this site, I am curious about the fuse, but there is obviously something causing the fuse to blow in the first place. I will replace it first just to see how long it will go before it blows again. I am rather mechanically inclined and love electronics, but I really would rather not learn how to do surgery on televisions something about large caps make me think of pain. However, it seems that my tv has experienced a longer life than most others, perhaps I will get lucky and it will work for another two years. Then again I have been looking for an excuse to purchase a front projector. That 106″ diagonal widescreen is looking pretty good right about now. One thing is for sure, I will NEVER purchase another Philips product ever again. Good luck with your adventures!!! P.S. Please be carefull!!!!

  48. I have a big screen Philips 50P8341 that was working good till this morning. I tried turning it on this morning and would not do anything, after the third attempt on turning it on, it started coming on after a couple times it finally came on and stayed on. The rest of the day we was able to watch tv then in the early evening we turned it off and when we tried turning it on it would do any thing at all like no power. I should mention that the day before we were running the microwave and kicked out the breaker and had to reset it. The tv came right on after reset, but the next morning it started with problem. Any ideas! could it also be the so called fuse like on the other tv mentioned?

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