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Cox Crow

Asking the Stupid Questions Since 1971
 Tuesday, April 06, 2004


A lot of money, thought, and forms are devoted to filling out forms.

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Mixed Nuts

Via topix, I see that the school-children set adrift by the fire at Matthew Paterson Elementary have adapted well to life with the high school students.

"I like it better than our other school," Deanna DeNapoli, 9, said yesterday. "I like the desks better, and I like the teenagers calling us cute."

At one time, students of all ages mixed together.

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Just so I can use my bad slang

ResearchBuzz points to Topix.net for local news. It's the BOMB!

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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Erik Heels's son says, of shrinkwrap licenses

Let's see, it says I have to click 'accept' to continue. Well DUH! It's not like I have any CHOICE! They've already got my money! OK, I'm clicking 'accept.'

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While I Was Out

Turns out that Sun and Microsoft have put down their swords, to beat them into plowshares. I wonder what kind of row they'll hoe.

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I feel like my fingers were cut off, not being able to publish because of that worm. To me, that is the best argument for server-side applications. But, servers die too. What we really need are lots of copies, to keep our stuff safe.

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