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 Monday, February 02, 2004

Imagining the Future

The 202/35/6/Bear Mountain Parkway Sustainable Living Study has principles. Concerned Residents of Southeast have some materials about the Route 22 expansion, but nothing as coherent. Pictures would be nice. The St. Croix Valley Development Design Study has some.

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Local News is About Place

The town of Southeast, New York, prohibits street vendors, and can't sublet the parking lot at the Southeast Station without the MTA's approval. This led to the removal of coffee from the morning commute. It also means that the Southeast Station sits in the middle of a barren wasteland of a parking lot.

Somers wants to reduce the rate of growth of their student population:

Town Board member Richard Nicholson argued that the school board would no longer see the large developments that swelled enrollments during the 1990s, when Somers' population increased 13 percent. One reason: Land in town has been rezoned from 1-acre lots to 3-acre lots.

"A good example is Eagle River, a 680-acre parcel, which is almost a square mile, where they are now talking about 108 units," Nicholson said. "That same piece was investigated in the mid-1980s for 1,500 to 2,700 units."

Nicholson noted that one exception was a proposal for a village-sized development near Baldwin Place. The plan calls for stores, offices and 220 townhomes and rental apartments.

I wonder what they mean by a "village-sized development." Baldwin Place is just over the county line from Mahopac.

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