Against Full-Day Kindergarten

The Common Core State Standards website asks, Q: Why do we need educational standards? A: We need standards to ensure that all students, no matter where they live, are prepared for success in postsecondary education and the workforce. Let’s assume for a moment that that is the goal of primary and secondary education. (Let’s also […]

On the Arlington Central School District Budget (2012-2013)

Arlington Central School District budget planning for FY 2012-2013 has resulted in a fairly good budget. I particularly like the appendices that are included for the first time in this year’s budget book. Budget creation is a bit of a balancing act. This year our district has done well in limiting the increase in costs […]

Comments on the Arlington Central School District Budget (2010-2011)

The Board of Education of the Arlington Central School District has made the difficult decision to close an elementary school in order to reduce the district’s budget.There are obviously consequences to this decision other than the money involved. Some are logistical, such as the effect on bus routes and the dispersion of the population to […]


The differences between American media and the BBC World Service in treatment of the financial situation with the automotive industry, or anything really, are just striking. I’ve been listening to WNYC on my drive to the office, so hear NPR‘s Morning Edition, followed by Marketplace Morning Report and then the BBC World Service Newshour. I […]

Electronic Medical Records

On Marketplace this morning, they mentioned that Obama wants electronic medical records. Why is it any of Obama’s damn business? I haven’t noticed a reduction in paperwork as a result of computing. There are normal computing issues magnified by the sensitivity of the data. Earlier some doctor interviewed on another NPR program said he would […]

A Little Less Help, Please

For those of you not paying attention, fuel costs are up. This change in circumstances changes the calculation of which mode of operation is optimal. In the case of transportation, the cost of long-haul packet shipping over railroads has dropped below that of trucks. Commenting on this drop, Matthew Yglesias remarks, Clearly trucks have a […]