Time Enough

Apparently President Obama remarked on education yesterday. For decades, Washington has been trapped in the same stale debates that have paralyzed progress and perpetuated our educational decline. Obviously Washington hasn’t been involved enough in education, so he proposes more interference. The specific policy proposals are not horrible, except for the increased Federal interference in a […]

Economic Stimulus Package: No Taxes

The bank just sent a summary statement of the escrow account we use to pay the local and school property taxes. One achieves a certain distance from the taxation by letting someone else manage it for you. It was a big number, but not as big as the amounts I’m paying in other taxes. If […]

The Third Rail

The third rail on electric railways carries the electrical current. Touching the rail will cause death. By extension, a number of topics in politics have been characterized as the third rail, in that they will cause an immediate political demise. Domestically, one of these subjects is Social Security, a program from which so many people […]


I’ve seen several references to this time between the election and the inauguration as an interregnum, and many writers expressing concern that President Bush is still, well, the President until January 20th. The thing is, we don’t have an interregnum because President Bush is still the President. And regardless of one’s wishes, he remains the […]

Coerced for My Own Good

H. W. Brands, in his biography of F.D.R., Traitor to His Class: The Privileged Life and Radical Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, writes, Many of the progressives, judging themselves lovers of peace, had assumed that they would be the wrong sorts of people to run a war. …. But to their surprise, and in some […]

Lies We Learned in High School

For such a smart fellow, you’d think that Matthew Yglesias would not regurgitate the standard economic history of the Great Depression drummed into all of us by five or six paragraphs in our high school history textbooks. The portrayal of Hoover as an advocate of laissez faire economic policy is wrong, but repeated often enough […]


My daughters got into an interesting discussion on the way back from their religious education classes. The Little Sister was upset that one of her friends does not care about the President. The Big Sister suggested that maybe the friend does not care for the President.

Someone Needs More Crayons

The graphic artists at The New York Times, CNN, and pretty much every other outlet providing maps of the election results need to be provided with more than a pair of red and blue crayons. Maybe they should use pastels instead; they blend better. This map, for example, allows interesting comparisons with past elections — […]

The Disarming Power of Words

We TiVo’d the last debate, and watched it again just now. Others have summarized it much more pithily, or eviscerated the candidates with more gusto, but I’d like to offer a small observation, a small suggestion in hind-sight that perhaps would have moved some voters from column A to column B. When discussing a Constitutional […]


Politics makes for strange bedfellows, they say, and the Republican primary in New York’s 99th assembly district is a case in point. The incumbent, Greg Ball, pissed off nearly everybody in Albany, infuriated the Putnam County executive (a Republican), and generally showed no willingness to go along to get along. He was challenged for the […]

Double Jeopardy and Guilt by Association

Were criminal charges brought against William Ayers? Was he found guilty? Did he serve his time? If not, why not? Meanwhile, apparently living in the same neighborhood and attending the same coffee klatch is enough to tar one as a fellow traveler. I would find this in-fighting among former Marxists amusing if there weren’t so […]