Selected Spelling Sentences

The Little Sister is in the second grade this year. One of their weekly assignments is to write sentences using the words they are learning to spell. She has quite a way with them. I don’t really go in the deep side of the water because I might sink. We do not have a king […]

Of the Character of one Mr. Brownlow

From There’s Pippins And Cheese To Come, by Charles S. Brooks (Yale University Press, 1917) By some slim chance, reader, you may be the kind of person who, on a visit to a strange city, makes for a bookshop. … But the habit of reading at the open stalls was not only with the poor. […]


Really, the cover of a compact disc should not be any reason to purchase it, and yet for some reason I want to get this one instead of the several that are recommended as having better performances. This is not the sort of problem that one runs into when buying music downloads.