Yell Back

I would like a quick way to yell back at the radio while I’m driving, and have that yell posted on my web site. For example, yesterday Terry Gross assumed that electronic medical records are needed, and that they were an appropriate target of Federal stimulus funds. No! If electronic medical records were as desperately […]

Charitable Giving

As I pay the last set of bills before the New Year, I also make final charitable contributions. There are some guidelines that I use to select to which charities to give. First, what will I support? I support life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and so give to charities that enable, encourage, and […]

Slow Banking Day

Odd. All of the banking sites I use are slower than molasses in winter. The rest of the Internet is responding fine. I’m finding this intriguingly strange. I suspect something with my network link, since the sluggishness is impacting all of the computers attached to this network. I’ve not narrowed down any commonality other than […]

Full vs. Abbreviated Feeds

It has been some matter of argument in what passes for the blogosphere for some time whether or not full-content feeds are better than partial-content. Some of this discussion was driven by the default behavior of competing publishing tools, but recently it seems to be in context of making money from one’s writings. This whole […]


The Associated Press reported that the Food and Drug Administration has set a standard for the amount of melamine found in infant formula: one part per million. The development comes days after The Associated Press reported FDA tests found traces of melamine in the infant formula of one major manufacturer [Mead Johnson] and cyanuric acid, […]

Who You Know

Malcolm Gladwell has a new book, Outliers, which, good for him, will likely end on the bestseller list and pay his mortgage for a few weeks. In it he seeks to answer the question of why some people succeed, while others don’t. Matthew Yglesias picked up the book to see if it would explain why […]

Social Networking

I found out today from the Hampden-Sydney group on LinkedIn about a new social networking site for alumni: The Network of Hampden-Sydney College. I applied for an account. I’m already a member at the alumni site for St. John’s College. It’s not very active. Both sites are built with tools from The thing about […]

Store’s Open

I’m experimenting with Amazon’s aStore. After all these years of being an Amazon associate, I’ve yet to earn a nickel. I think that has something to do with my just linking to things, instead of promoting them. Anyway, I’m putting stuff in the store, mostly books, that I find interesting. Buy something.

First Impressions of Google Chrome: A List

Show search results from my history first, not from the web. So, how do bookmarklets work now? Default to restoring open tabs. Where’s that “Open in [other browser]” menu item to work around broken web sites? Guess I’ll have to cut-and-paste. Hey, at least the keyboard shortcuts are the same. The way the on-page find […]