Child Safety Latches

A design flaw in this child safety latch increases the likelihood that your child will open the cabinet, retrieve the Windex®, and drink it. Or, in our case, wash the floor. The flaw? The installation of the latch requires precision. If the hook does not catch exactly on the loop, the door will open. The […]

New Maid

We have a new maid. His name is Jerry. He’s an iRobot Roomba 4105. Right now he’s cleaning the family room. We’ve noted several idiosyncrasies. He prefers rooms without much furniture, or other floor-level decoration. He has trouble over metallic vent covers. He trapped himself on our dining room rug: it is mostly dark, except […]

Theatre People

The Bigger Sister and I will be performing in The Fiddler on the Roof at the Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center the first two weekends in May. She’s excited. I’m scared. There’ll be an audience. This role is somewhat different from the last I almost had. Instead of playing Alfred in