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 Thursday, August 01, 2002

Watch Your Back

Network security and intrusion detection focus on the perimeter, often ignoring physical lines of attack, or the tunnel under the walls.

SecurityFocus reports on a device presented at the Black Hat Briefings: a modified Sega Dreamcast.

Higbee and Davis perform penetration tests, and developed their game box cum attack tool after finding themselves more than once with physical access to a client's facilities -- posing as an employee in one case, crawling through a drop ceiling in another -- but without a way to leverage that access into remote control of the company's network.

Remember that for all the notoriety Kevin Mitnick achieved, his techniques did not involve computers.

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Consumer Reports

Breaking computers is not unlike the testing done by Consumer Reports.

Why is that the vendors get upset when someone points out that if you turn the steering wheel hard left, hard right, hard left, you tip over? Where would car safety be today without Unsafe at Any Speed. What kind of heads would you find in your chicken nuggets without Upton Sinclair?

Pointing out that the bulletproof glass in a bank is not bulletproof is qualitatively different from shouting fire in a crowded theatre. It is because it lends itself to overly broad interpretation that I'm suprised the DMCA hasn't fallen on First Amendment grounds.

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Illegal Instruction

This just in over the wire, Geek Terror Group 'Still Alive'.

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