Wednesday, August 21, 2002


Listening to the Sex Mob's rendition of Freebird.

In the world envisioned by our friends in Hollywood, there is no jazz.

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Gun, Bullet, Foot

LawMeme's Ernest Miller outpoints Slate's "Hit Charade: the music industry's self-inflicted wounds".
In 1980, when the same sort of listener burnout bedeviled the biz and its superstars, salvation came from an unexpected source: MTV, an upstart cable channel that began broadcasting clips by a new generation of British bands simply because the established U.S. performers weren't yet making video clips. Groups like Culture Club, Duran Duran, and the Clash—whose label didn't even release the original version of its first album in the United States till 2000—broke through to a novelty-starved audience. Suddenly, home taping wasn't an issue anymore.

This is just the sort of shock that the music industry needs—and labors so hard to prevent.

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NPR's All Things Considered considered the guy who shouts Freebird!

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Intellectual Property != Property

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