A Waterfall of Thoughts

Monday morning dawned with new snow. I woke up with a hangover and a house with 16% humidity, and began simmering water to add some back to the air, and drinking to add some back to me. On dehydrated days like these I wonder

  • Are desert peoples perennially irritable and more violent than others because they are dehydrated?
    • Are desert peoples
      • dehydrated?
      • perennially irritable?
      • more violent than others?
        • Where did they get this reputation?
          • Do they have this reputation, or
            • Is this just something I have imbibed from
              • Dune
              • Lawrence of Arabia
                • Arabia is not the only desert.
                  • So is Arizona.
                    • The Hopi have a peaceful reputation.
    • Maybe there’s a paper on this topic….
  • Hmm.