The Urgent Tyrant

Watched last week’s episode of WandaVision (2021) with my kids last night. In it the acting director of S.W.O.R.D., impatiently bothering the work to determine WTF is going on, hears then sees evidence of a little progress, yells at everyone that he wants the results now, and stomps off back to Washington. Miraculously enough, once he leaves, everyone starts moving faster and the plot moves ahead, because he focused attention on the good work being ignored.

Now, I suppose the writers think that this is how a leader in a quasi-military, business-suit-wearing organization should behave, but it isn’t. He could have brought coffee to the nice young lady discovering the solution, congratulated her, agreed that this was a promising Avenue of Investigation, and asked her what help she needed. Or, he could have productively added to the conversation by, again, the coffee, the congratulations, and a suggestion that [spoilers].

But he didn’t. Because he’s an aggressively whiny little prick.

Maybe he cares so much for [spoilers] that he has to personally oversee [spoilers], and yet has such little emotional awareness that he can only express himself in anger? It probably seems like I’m nitpicking, since the show itself is certainly more entertaining than the rest of the Marvel Universe, but do the authors have no experience with leaders behaving in a helpful fashion?

Since everything in the media is a made-up fantasy world, let’s try to improve it a bit, shall we?