Some Days

Chilly. On mornings like this I’m encouraged to stay in bed by warm blankets, warm cats, and the cold air. Funny how the summer’s heat encourages the same. I do like my cozy bed. But I’ll pad to the stove and put on the kettle for tea. The flock of robins on the bare branches of the maple next door, black against the grey sky, chatters about their plans for the day.

I found another wonderful thing on the Internet: the weather maps by The Dark Sky Company. Click on that link. I’ll wait.

Isn’t that cool!

The world is a spheroid!

3d temperature map from

The data underlying this visualization is granular enough that you can see the mountain ridges and water inlets. Flatten out the map and zoom in.

temperature map from

Hope and wonder seem to me so inextricably tied.

The world is full of much sorrow. It is easy longing for the comfort of the past. Still there are times when I marvel at the beauty of something we’ve made, of useful art bringing the Earth closer to understanding. I look at the birds of the air. I’m struck by the wonder of it all.

And I have hope for tomorrow.