To the Stranger in a Strange Land

All are welcome here.

My father did not approve of locking the doors to the church. Anyone who needed to was welcome to enter. Anyone who was passing through town in need of money, or food, or clothing, or a place to stay was welcome to what they needed. Anyone, without question, was welcome. Many were the nights that a stranger joined us for dinner.

Some were concerned. But what about the thieves? What about the rapists? What about the murderers? Aren’t you afraid for your family?

No. God is love.

In all the years we helped those in need, some passed themselves off as people they weren’t, some were on the run, some weren’t, yet no one took more than they needed, no one stole from the offering plate, no one killed. And perhaps down their road, they realized that they did not trick us; we were willingly doing as we ought for those in need. And, perhaps, they were changed as a result.