The First Day of School

The Night Before

No. 2 Son (6), on tomorrow: “I wish every school day were Saturday, so then we would not have school.”

Supplies bought. Forms completed. Bags packed. Clothes picked out. Lunches packed. And four children sound asleep in bed. Next: fold the laundry, unload the dishwasher, and wash the dishes that accumulated on the counter while the dishwasher was running.

The Morning Of

Children up. Beds made. Breakfast eaten. Teeth brushed. Animals fed and watered. #1 off to 9th grade. #2 off to 7th grade. Table cleared. Soccer played. #3 off to 3rd grade. #4 off to 1st grade (with no objections). Dishes washed. Work started. The laundry remains unfolded.


I think No. 2 Daughter arrived home from school. She seems to have transformed into an iPod.

No. 1 Son, ten minutes after arriving home with his 3rd grade homework assignment: “All done. I need flash cards.” What for? “Says I need to practice subtraction with flash cards.” OK. Guess we can get some from the store.

Made applesauce this afternoon. The children arrived home from their outing. The applesauce is all gone.

No. 1 Son, a minute after opening the flashcards: “These only go to 12. This is too easy.” And that, my friends, is why we should teach to the abilities of the children and not to their “grade level.”