Pomegranate Lemonade

The other day I drank an Honest Tea Cranberry Lemonade. I expected it to not be sweet, since they say it’s just a tad sweet. I did not expect that I wouldn’t be able to tell if any cranberries or lemons had been harmed in the making of it. Overall, however, not a bad drink for flavored water.

I got to wondering what exactly goes into pink lemonade besides Red No. 40. How would I make a pink lemonade? Cranberry? Pomegranate?

Let’s try pomegranate.

Mix in a glass, 2 oz. of POM 100% pomegranate juice and 1 oz. of lemon juice. Stir together with 3 cubes of ice and about 8 oz. cold water.

That was good. I’ll need to determine the proportion of water a bit more exactly before mixing up a quart.