Default Settings Set Expectations

>Browse with caret allows users to select arbitrary content with the keyboard and move through content as if inside a read-only editor. This allows copying arbitrary pieces of text to the clipboard. The F7 key toggles this feature on/off.

I’m sure that feature is nice and all, but you changed the default setting, which pisses off those of us who use the page up, page down, and arrow keys to scroll.

2 thoughts on “Default Settings Set Expectations

  1. You sure the default changed? Mine’s off, claiming that’s the default, and according to the CVS log the default’s been false since the feature landed in 2001.

    It’s apparently way too easy to turn it on (despite a defaulted-on warning dialog), maybe by kitty-typing, to the extent that I voted for the bug talking about removing the keyboard shortcut, though not quite to the extent where I’d try to drive that sort of “screw the gimps, I’m sick of telling people why their browser looks so weirded out” patch in myself.

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