There’s Always Hope

I hope that Barack Obama will win the Democratic Party’s nomination. And I hope this, despite some evidence to the contrary, because I hope that he will not be Tweedledee to John McCain’s Tweedledum. I know Hillary Clinton would be. In her campaign speeches she’s taken to briefly mentioning defending the Constitution and our liberties, but her personal track record in this regard is not good. And if one includes her husband’s presidency — and for some reason her campaign wishes you to — then it is not at all better, and similar to President Bush’s in intent if not in scope: President Clinton had a hostile Congress.

I hope the President-elect, of whichever party, will appoint Bruce Schneier to a Cabinet post involving national security. We need to move beyond fear and brave the calculated risks of freedom.

I hope that the President- and Congress-elect will come to their senses, and repeal the PATRIOT Act, the REAL ID Act, and numerous other laws passed out of fear which contribute nothing to our security but hinder our liberties.

I hope that we enter a period of fiscal responsibility characterized by low taxes and governmental restraint.

I hope that I am not disappointed.


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