Simply because you say something, does not make it so. But enough people might believe it to be so, that for all intents and purposes it is.

Last night during the post-election analysis on CNN, David Frum, whom Jerry Pournelle calls “the egregious Frum” for his erroneous ways, remarked,

You know, the Democrats claim not to be the party of the rich, but they’re raking in the bucks.

What My Amazon Wishlist Wants

I have 180 or so items on my wishlist at Amazon. There are a couple of things that would come in handy. The obvious one would be the ability to search through it for a particular book, or genre. For example, I’ve just decided that I’m not at all interested in books on computing topics, so the book on Network Intrusion Detection is no longer wanted. Also helpful would be for the Amazon Associates wishlist widget to randomize selections from the list, instead of displaying them by date added.