1. November was my first month using Microsoft Windows XP on my work desk. The annoyances and faults in Vista are a logical continuation of the mistakes made in XP.

    I don’t need to know every time my Ethernet card is disabled because I pulled the power cable out, though I hope it doesn’t do that when I’m actively using the card. (This “feature” can be disabled, and insertion of a network cable should turn the card back on. However, if you can do that, why not just leave the card off until the Ethernet cable is inserted? Oh, I know! Because the inserting the Ethernet cable does NOT activate the card.)

    Those little pop-ups over the task bar should fade away rather than wanting me to close them. (They also display for reasons which are not helpful.)

    I’m sure there are more, but those are the two sticking in my craw at the moment.

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