Real Work, in the Real World

Back in May I was elected to the board of directors of the Dalton Farm Homeowners Association, and became co-chair of the grounds committee. What that means is that I’m responsible for ensuring that the grounds are maintained — that the lawn is cut, the weeds pulled, the trees trimmed, the light-bulbs changed — and improved. And then there was the family of skunks. Most of the work is administrative in nature, such as planning, seeking bids, handling contracts, and addressing complaints.

But it’s a wonderful feeling to reach out and touch something you did. Because the results are physical, the work seems so much more real than what I do for a living. I can see the results of my efforts.


  1. Charles

    I understand from your comments on that you are living in a house that once belonged to Harold Augustus Fortington. I guess you would also be aware that the Fortington’s owned and extended Dalton Farm during the 1920’s and 30’s?

    Harold was a very colourful person and involved in several interesting and, even, mysterious projects during his lifetime. If you are interested I can email details about him to you.

    Do you have any knowledge of when the Fortington’s lived at your address and did they build the house? If possible, I would really appreciate a couple of photographs of the house, Dalton Farm and the Fortington’s (maybe Dalton Farm would have some).

    Gary Fortington
    Queensland, Australia

  2. Hi, Gary.

    We live on the former Fortington property, now called Dalton Farm, not in their house. Our house was built in 1998, and sits on what was once pasture.

    During construction of the Dalton Farm development, a number of structures were razed, including a tavern, but the house remains. It is now called the Roosevelt House, after its last occupant, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr.

  3. Thanks for the response Will

    Do you think that the curators of Roosevelt House would have any information on the Fortington’s? Could you suggest someone that I might be able to contact?


    Gary F

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