Mad Scientists’ Club

Who wouldn’t want to be a member?

The Bigger Sister is reading well beyond what the schools expect of her, so at the library the other day, I went looking for some books that I remembered from when I was around her age. Specifically, I looked for The Mad Scientists’ Club. They have one copy in the Mid-Hudson Library System, over at Union Vale, so we’ll get it on inter-library loan.

Then just now, after reading about the re-printing of Mr. Pine’s Purple House, I visited the site of the publisher, Purple House Press.

The Mad Scientists are back in print! And there’re more!

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  1. That is awesome news. I gather from your subheading that you were born in 1971. Me too, and I had two of those books growing up. Looking back, those books may have had a profound effect on my life. I’m so glad you stumbled on them. I’ve got to get them for my son!

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