Running Scared?

In an effort to prevent those of us who have voted for her before from voting for John Hall, Sue Kelly‘s campaign is pulling out the big guns. I received a robo-call from the National Republican Congressional Committee the other day, warning me that John Hall would roll-back the tax cuts this Republican Congress has enacted. That might bother me, if I were a billionaire looking to prevent my estate from being taxed, but I’d really rather that this so-called conservative Congress bring their spending in line with their income. I understand the necessity for deficit spending, but it’s become wholly unrealistic. Maybe nobody will notice how many zeros there are if we say “all figures in billions.”

Then last week we got a piece in the mail alleging that if Mr. Hall is elected, then Kim Jung-Il will drop The Bomb on the United States. Judging from the pictures, Mr. Hall’s lack of support for a missile defense program that has been subject to an appalling lack of success is because he’s a puppet of Dear Leader.

Perhaps Rep. Kelly should, instead of these attempts at fear-mongering, give us an adequate explanation of why she has consistently voted against civil liberties and for an increase in Big Government.

Bill Vote Why
Military Commissions Act Yes Permits the Executive to detain citizens without access to the courts.
Electronic Surveillance Modernization Act Yes Approves spying on U.S. citizens without oversight.
U.S.A.P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act Yes Grants additional police powers to the Federal government in response to the destruction of the World Trade Center. Demonstrably unnecessary since the Federal government was observing the perpetrators of that act, and dismissed them as not a threat.
Help America Vote Act Yes Unnecessary, rushed improvements in voting equipment which tend to make it more difficult to verify the voting record.
Marriage Amendment Yes Another unnecessary improvement of a matter best left to the States.
REAL ID Act Yes The Number of the Beast makes internal passports easier.
Secure Fence Act Yes Requires the erection of a $6 to 12 billion waste of money we don’t have which will not deter illegal immigration. See, for example, the effectiveness of the Maginot Line. Try enforcing the existing laws.