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It’s just the way the procedures are designed. The procedure assumes that the only one wanting to know the lat,long would be law enforcement. Law enforcement needs a warrant.

Sprint Refuses To Reveal Location Of Cell Phone In Carjacked SUV

POSTED: 9:14 am PST January 11, 2006
UPDATED: 9:46 am PST January 11, 2006

EASTVALE, Calif. — A stolen car that had a kidnapped baby and a cell phone inside has become the center of a new controversy.

The parents of the kidnapped baby are outraged that the phone that could have been used to find the baby was not.


NBC4 reported that a lot of cell phones come with GPS locator technology and privacy assurances that your location will not be divulged to anyone, even to law enforcement without a subpoena.

“I guess I just assumed they had these GPS things. Let’s use it for some good rather than tracking where I’m hanging out at the mall,” said mother Stephanie Cochran.

The Cochran family of Eastvale was loading their baby into their SUV in the home’s driveway. The father, Jason, belted in their 10-month-old baby and came back inside for their 3-year-old.

“Stephanie was finishing brushing his teeth. I went and got him and walked out the door and the car was gone with Wade in it,” said father Jason Cochran.

When the parents called 911 they also realized that the father’s Sprint cell phone with GPS locator technology was also in the car.

NBC4 reported that Sprint wouldn’t provide a location to the parents or to the deputies.

“The deputies were told that Sprint had the location of the vehicle but that they could not disclose it to them because they needed to pay the $25 fee for a subpoena or fill out some forms,” said Stephanie.

Almost 2 ½ hours later a passer-by spotted the SUV abandoned a mile away.

Responding deputies found the boy safe in his car seat.

Riverside sheriff’s authorities were outraged that Sprint could have directed the deputies to the boy an hour earlier and did not.

Supervisors were told Sprint already has an emergency protocol that the employee in this situation did not follow.

NBC reported that the Riverside supervisors were considering prodding Sprint with a regulatory stick but they discovered they don’t have authority.