Where to Eat Along the Putnam County Trailway

While reminiscing about our old home sites in Loveland, Ohio, I learned that a bike trail following the route of the Little Miami Railroad Company winds through the Little Miami State Park along the Little Miami River. The trail was developed since we lived there, but I have fond recollections of the parks in the Loveland area. One of the neat things about the Loveland Bike Trail, judging from its website, is that food and lodging are within easy reach of the trail, if not right on it.

I’ve often wondered as we walk the North County Trailway why some parts of the trail are not as connected to the towns as others. Yorktown is still mostly centered around the old Putnam Division station, and so the diner and other establishments feel connected to the trail. The developers of Somers Commons in Baldwin Place, which adjoins the trail, provide trail access and fairly extensive sidewalks within the shopping center. But where the Putnam County Trailway passes through Mahopac, the eateries are not so obvious, either because the trail runs behind them, or because it is not connected to the existing sidewalks.

So, for the benefit of the public, here are a few places where you might want to rest and eat, ordered from South to North.