A Normal Weekend in New York

The Little Sister turned three today. Over the weekend we celebrated her little life with a trip to the City on Saturday, and a long lunch al fresco with the family on Sunday. The trip was somewhat eventful, but all-in-all a normal weekend in New York City.

We took the train in, arriving at Grand Central Terminal, then walked up the escalators, through the Pan Am Building, across 45th Street, and under the Helmsley Building. As we emerged on Park Avenue, we saw what looked like preparations for a parade on Fifth Avenue, so we wandered over that way.

Whatever parade it was hadn’t started yet, so we walked on up Fifth. The Little Sister hadn’t seen St. Patrick’s Cathedral, so in we went. Edward Cardinal Egan stopped on his way out to view the parade to say that our daughters are beautiful. We already know this, but he appeared delighted to see two such lovely young ladies. I suppose that’s what happens when one wears a spinny dress.

We left the cathedral and walked uptown. Of course, we had to stop in the World of Disney store because, well, it was there. On our way out, we saw the parade passing, and walked uptown with it. The Plaza is undergoing renovations, so we went straight to F. A. O. Schwartz, where we danced on the Big Piano and found that it was Raggedy Ann and Andy‘s 90th birthday — so the girls had their picture taken with them.

And then we were off through Central Park to 7th Avenue and a brisk walk downtown to the Lunt-Fontanne Theater for Beauty and the Beast.

After the show a strap broke on the Big Sister’s sandle, so we were back over to Fifth to look for shoes, then to 8th for dinner at Ciro’s. And then home.

It was a great day.