Third Annual Father’s Day Weekend in Lake George

We spent our third annual Father’s Day weekend in Lake George, New York. This year was a bit different because someone decided it would be a good time for the Lake George Elvis Festival. The weather started a bit dreary, but by Saturday afternoon it had cleared, and we ended up having a blast. On Sunday, we again sailed on the Minne-Ha-Ha, then after that went up to Bolton Landing to Up Yonda Farm.

I’ll have to include the restaurant reviews later; I made note of much of the food 🙂 We stopped by Adirondack Brewing twice — they serve s’mores — and on the second visit I had the sampler. I made notes of those brews as well.

  • Inman Pond Blonde, a good drink.

(Beer in mind that I tasted six 6 oz. samples, and my taste buds may have become less discriminating by the time I made it around the rack.)

  • Their Marzen was eh. I don’t like the style, so this wasn’t too unexpected. What was unexpected was that in combination with my gorgonzola cheese-burger it tasted like honey.
  • Their signature beer, Bear Naked Ale, was dull. It wasn’t bad — just didn’t have an interesting palate.
  • I had their IPA on the first visit. It was typical of the genre, but not outstanding.
  • The Snow Trout Stout was a good one to drink by its lonesome. The gorgonzola destroyed the delicate espresso flavors.
  • The California Steam and Fat Scotsman Ale deserve special consideration. They, and Cooper’s Cave — on tap at the Holiday Inn — have a strange, musty aftertaste reminiscent of a cavern. This musty taste renders them unsuitable for drinking without a companion dish. But when they are combined with tart foods, such as onions or gorgonzola, the must disappears and they reveal a sweetness.

    The Fat Scotsman has a high gravity, with 12% alcohol by volume, that delivers a swift kick even when approached with caution. Again, this is best appreciated with the right food, otherwise you’ll only taste the cave.

    Because of the lower alcohol content, I found myself reaching more for the Steam as the meal wore on. Though since my wife took the keys, I could have downed the Fat Scotsman just as easily. 🙂

  • Adirondack Brewing also offers a London Porter, which I did not try.

By themselves, stick with the Inman Pond Blond or the Snow Trout Stout. With food, either the Steam or the Fat Scotsman will please.

Thank ya. Thank ya verra much.