I have a simple test for determining the quality of a vendor. Of course, I have no budget, and few listen to me, so my test does not see much use. But if you wonder at the intricacies of buying computing equipment, here’s the test.

Is their supporting documentation privileged? If so, it’s not worth your time or money.

That is all.

If checking the documentation is too hard, here’s another test that you can apply using only software press releases. Does it contain the words “enterprise” or “robust”? If so, they most likely mean it has a robust scent.


My brother gave us a bottle of Ch√Ęteau Morrisette‘s Sweet Mountain Laurel for Christmas. I like this: it tastes of Concord grapes.

A unique and refreshingly sweet dessert style wine made from Native American grape varieties. A firm acidity balances the natural sugars, producing a crisp finish with aromas of freshly picked grapes.

Perhaps one day we New York residents will be able to order it.

Have you noticed that realtor websites do not provide you with the most important piece of information about a property, the location? This is the hook to get their 5%. When they sell, or attempt to sell, the properties, they use easily comparable attributes such as square footage, acreage, room quantities, and so forth. Without speaking with an agent, the most precise location information you can find is the school system and town. Which leaves you, the buyer, in the position of shopping for houses based on architectural characteristics, such as curb appeal, rather than the property’s place in the world.

It may appear that the market demands contempory “colonials” with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, but those are secondary concerns. What is being bought is the location.