Somewhere in Chicago, there’s a big wirelessed mall.

More than 18,000 daily visitors who frequent the restaurants, food court, train station, retail stores and common areas of The Merchandise Mart — the world’s largest commercial building — and 350 W. Mart Center will now be able to use laptop computers and personal digital assistants to wirelessly connect to the Internet and corporate networks at speeds 50 to 100 times as fast as a dial-up connection. SBC Communications, Inc. (NYSE: SBC) today announced that SBC FreedomLink Wi-Fi service is available throughout The Merchandise Mart, creating the largest SBC hot spot in the city.

So, if you’re in the area, and you have SBC DSL, and you want to tote your computer to the mall, you can get on-line for a measly $1.99 per month. Now if we could just convince the clothing stores to place benches and power outlets next to the dressing rooms

Scanning a large disk for virii takes a lot of time and resources, often in an impolite manner. Here’s a hypothetical question that the supergeniuses at the anti-virus companies might like to consider: Is there a way to compromise the filesystem’s journal such that disk activity is not recorded? And, if the journal is safe, then [many expletives deleted] scan the journal, not the disk.