Where Am I?

My wife is lost somewhere in Pound Ridge. The cellular service is only good enough for a few seconds of talking. This is not long enough for me to find out where she is, but plenty good enough to transmit her GPS co-ordinates. But our phones are too incompetent to do that. They know exactly where they are, so they can tell the snoops and E-911, but they won’t tell us.

On my phone, the LG VX6000, location information is revealed to E-911 by default, but it can tell others. The settings option choices are

  • Location On
  • E911 Only

OK. Now WTF did that do? Nothing.

Perhaps what I’m saying is that all phones, by default, if they know where they are, should tell the holder. Not just this or this or this other party.

One reply on “Where Am I?”

  1. I’ve lived here for almost five years now and we still get lost now and then.

    Cell phone coverage in Pound Ridge is one of those don’t ask don’t tell things…. don’t ask why the same people who complain about the lack of coverage in Pound Ridge are ready to threaten raining doom and law suits on the town for the most absurd reasons the minute Verizon proposes a cell site anywhere in the town.

    That’s just Westchester for you….

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