Tourist Attraction

The Journal News reports that there’s a new reason to visit Brewster, New York.

The gray structure sits opposite Kobacker’s Market and houses several other tenants, including Design A Sign, a graphic-arts company; the American Center for Chinese Studies, a martial-arts instructional school; and Studio One Dancesport, a dance center. The top listing on the building’s roadside sign, though, is Verona Performing Arts — an entity with the same telephone number appearing on Club Verona‘s Web site.

Kropkowski said the village code basically prohibits the operation of an adult-entertainment business within 600 feet of a residence, school or church. He said he was researching whether that standard applied in this case and whether the statute, which specifically lists businesses such as tattoo parlors, pool halls, adult bookstores and movie theaters, can be used to shut down a nonalcoholic bar featuring nude women. Some residents are advocating for that result.

Unwanted Behavior is the sort of thing that will keep zoning codes from being reduced. Someone will have a hard time imagining that perhaps a more usual ordinance would be able to have the same effect.